Surrounded by Fluff

With my baby shower coming up in a few weeks, several people have asked me what we need.  Since my children are going to be so close in age and they’re both the same sex, there isn’t much I’m not reusing from the first time around.  We have more clothes than any one child really needs (I’m pretty sure I could EASILY clothe twins).  So I’ve been telling people what we mainly need is cloth diapers. And then I get the blank stare like I’ve asked for a case of beer 😉

We have not always used cloth diapers, it was a recent decision.  I just couldn’t stand the idea of buying disposables for two kids and keeping track of different size diapers.  Besides that – using disposables is expensive and I’m always trying to save us money.  Add to that the fact that my son seemed to keep a diaper rash no matter what disposable, cream, powder, or strict changing schedule I kept. So, cloth was my most logical choice.

I started researching cloth diapers several months ago and casually mentioned it to my husband several times. He didn’t seem thrilled, but we had used cloth wipes when my son had a bad rash so he reluctantly agreed.  Being that I love to sew, I decided that instead of buying cloth, I would try to make some of my own. And so I spent hours and hours pouring over patterns, searching through the internet and diving deeper and deeper into the world of fluffy cloth diapers. I was hooked before I even found the pattern.  That lovely one size pattern that would fit my tiny newborn and my squishy, chunky legged toddler. No need to keep track of two sizes!  This is the pattern I chose and it is working wonderfully for us:

So far my oldest has been in cloth a couple of months and I’m happy to report that his rashes are getting fewer and fewer.  They are also less severe.  We also made a permanent switch to cloth wipes and I will never use a disposable again if I can help it!  Our cloth only adds 2-3 extra loads of laundry a week and I might be kind of nerdy, but I enjoy sitting down to stuff all my diapers and organize them on laundry day.  We’re now up to about 30 that I’ve made.  I’ve also made nine fleece covers and TONS of inserts.  So I still have quite a few to make for two kids, but I find it relaxing and fun.  One of the cool things is that many of our diapers and inserts are made from upcycled materials.  Old t-shirts, fleece hoodies, receiving blankets, thrift store hand towels, micro-mink blankets, etc.

And…the part I like the best…my diapers are cuter than disposables 😛


One thought on “Surrounded by Fluff

  1. You’re so right – I don’t have any little ones but I can just imagine how much money you save by using cloth diapers, especially if your little one has a sensitive skin issue. And you’re right – those are the cutest baby diaper tushies I’ve seen!


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