The Little Things

Rawr! I might be little, but I can do BIG things.

My son is almost seventeen months old…and yet we’ve already entered the ‘terrible’ twos.   Some days this is a challenge, but if I take a step back and try to see the world through his eyes our days go by more smoothly.

It isn’t always easy to remember that at one time we didn’t possess the words or ability to simply say, “Mom, I’m really tired” or “I would rather have water than juice with lunch today.”  These little things that my tiny bundle of energy can’t say frustrate him.  We’re normally good at communicating without words, so good that I sometimes I fear I’m holding him back in the language department.  So I’ve been spending my days explaining what everything in our world is.  “Light, remote, nose, book, milk” I say these words over and over, sometimes driving my own self crazy. My son loves it though.  Last night he said light for the first time and he’s become an expert at saying kitty as he chases our manx down the hall.

On days where I’m especially frustrated with his tantrums and exploring, I take a moment and look back through my extensive photo collection of him.  I remember the days when our doctors weren’t even sure we could have a child and somehow that small piece of knowledge calms my frustration. I do have a child. In fact, I have a second kicking away in my belly now.  So a torn up piece of paper I needed to keep or a mountain of DVDs from the cabinet don’t really seem all that major.  Spilled food can be wiped away, a hug can make my son’s whole day brighter.

A moment of snuggles.

It’s easy to forget that little moments are the ones we’ll remember years from now.  Maybe in the heat of the moment when you’re scrubbing crayon off the floor for the tenth time you don’t find it funny. Give it a week or two and you’ll laugh.  Or the day that you spent half an hour folding a mountain of laundry to find it all strewn about the floor when you turned your back for five minutes.  Your little one was probably only ‘learning’ to fold himself.  He was helping and that means you’ve taught him to care for others.  Enjoy the little moments.  They have a big impact on how your child sees the world.


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