Clothing My Kids – On The Cheap

If you know me well, you know I’m kind of a cheap skate.  I do not like to spend more than I have to on anything.  I clip coupons, I buy used, I scour the clearance aisles.

My oldest son (who JUST turned two last month) is already outgrowing his 2T clothes.  He has a few 3T items that are hand me downs or that I’ve previously purchased from clearance racks, but he’s really hit a growth spurt so I know the time is getting close that he will start to look like the hulk if I don’t move him up yet another size.  Most of my children’s clothes are hand me downs, gifts, goodwill finds, or clearance finds.  It is very, very rare that I will pay full price for anything – especially clothes.  They have a lot of clothes and are well dressed little men.  You wouldn’t know that mommy is a cheap skate by looking at them ;).

So today I decided to check the clearance racks at Target as we had stopped in for some other sales.  And we lucked out!  Check out these really cute clothes.


For our oldest we purchased two pairs of pants ($4 each), four shirts (ranging from $1.80 to $2.50), and a fleece jacket (only $2.80 (for next year!)).  For the ‘baby’ (who is six months old in clothes WAY bigger than that) we purchased a super cool Captain America jacket that even has a hideaway mask in the hood($4.50). All these clothes for under $25.  Which is cheaper than I could’ve purchased them at our local Goodwill. And better yet – these clothes are super cool, for some super cool little dudes 🙂

So, if you too are clothing your kiddos on the cheap, I highly encourage you to checkout clearance aisles.  Target, Walmart, KMart, even places like Carter’s have amazing clearance sections.  Of course, the best times throughout the year to shop vary but at the end of almost every season you can find great things for the next year.  I already have two Christmas outfits for each of my boys next year.  I’ve found that our local Walmart clearances out items almost every Thursday.  And I have been known to stalk the baby/toddler section on Thursdays for outfits under $1.50.  They don’t last long and I’m not too good to dive right in.

Take a look around your local stores and let me know what you find. I enjoy hearing about good deals as much as I love getting them!


3 thoughts on “Clothing My Kids – On The Cheap

  1. I am exactly the same way. My daughter is 2.5 yrs old in a size 4/5T She is very tall : ) To me a good deal is anything $3 dollars or less. I find them often and when I don’t I go to my local thrift store!


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