You know, this year has been full of ups and downs already.  Back in January, I was sure this might be the worst year ever for us.  We faced losing our house and the uncertainty of unemployment.  I prayed a lot and somehow found peace.

In a few short weeks, my husband found employment and we are on our way to having a good year.  He likes his new job and I really see potential to move up for him.  Which he deserves.

My etsy shop is also doing better this year than it ever has before.  I’m having fun with my new sewing machine and the new things it allows me to do.

Brenan is starting to really spout out new words.  Nevan is almost walking without help.  Heck, we’re even planning a family vacation.  We didn’t get one last year and this will be Nevan’s first ever.

I am thankful. And blessed.


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