When We Sew For Fun…

DSCN2469My oldest son loves to go the fabric store with me and pick through the fat quarters.  He must’ve inherited his mama’s taste for lots of colorful fun prints 🙂 .


Today he happened across a cute little star print and told me he wanted it, so I let him throw it in the buggy.  When we got to the car he told me he wanted me to make pants with it, but I explained that it wasn’t big enough for pants so he said he wanted a monster.  I did offer to use the print for pockets on a pair of pants, but now he was set on his monster.

DSCN2470Once we got home I let him dig through my craft supplies and he greatly enjoyed sorting through buttons to find the perfect eyes.  He insisted that the fuzzy poms poms would be a good nose too.  He sat beside me patiently as I sewed the items on and he picked out each color and told me how it should all look.

DSCN2472He’s quite proud of his monster that he’s named “Beast”.  And I’m quite proud of him for all his creativity and patience in learning to make something that’s all his own.


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