Five Minute Fridays – Worship

I am not a churchgoer.  There is something about Sunday morning that makes me feel like I should be home, snuggled with my children.  A lazy day.  But I do believe in a higher power.  And I do my best to worship in my way.

I pray often.  Every night before bed, many times throughout the day.  Little prayers of thanks, pleas for guidance, and a smile when I see how He is working in our lives.

My children have heard many bible stories.  Noah and the Ark is their favorite.  They love the animals.  Hearing about the sun, the oceans, the flowers, those all make them happy too.  I hope it also instills in them what a big wondrous world this can be.  It isn’t always a perfect world by far, but I hope they can see the beauty that has been placed here for them.

I think my form of worship means that we take time to cherish all the beauty God has placed on this earth for us.  That we remind ourselves that the monetary things in this world don’t last.  Love, kindness, and good deeds go far.  We are not here to judge anyone else.  We help in whatever small way we can.  Those are the things that make this world bright and beautiful.  Those are the things that I want my children to carry on and pay forward.

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