Fluffy Friday

I haven’t done an updated “stash shot” of our cloth diapers since ummm, well since we started cloth diapering over 1.5 years ago!  So, I thought it was overdue.  Here is our fully mommy made diaper stash.  All the diapers, wipes, covers, cotton rounds, and most of the inserts were sewn by me. There are 4 fleece pocket diapers missing from the photos that were on my kiddos or in the dirty diaper pail.  And my two wet bags aren’t in the photo.

So, what do we have for two kids in diapers?  Check it out below.  This size works well for us. I can rotate them with ease and not feel panicked that we’re running out of diapers if I skip a stuffing day.  We wash every other day, but I don’t always stuff them right after washing.

-Six Night Time diapers (OS Flannel fitted pockets double stuffed with either 2 hemp or 2 microfiber inserts)
-Twenty-five closureless OS flannel fitted pockets.  I stuff this with a variety of inserts from hemp, microfiber, jersey cotton, terry cotton, prefolds, flats.
-Two snap closure cotton pockets w. stay dry fleece inners.
-Eleven OS fleece pockets w. applix.
-Five OS hidden PUL pocket diapers cotton outer, suede cloth inners, snap diapers.
-Two OS PUL pocket diapers w. snaps and microfleece inners.
-Seven LG fleece soakers that double as training pants w. snap in soaker pads.
-Two OS PUL covers – one applix, one snap
-One LG PUL side snapping cover
-Twelve fleece OS diaper covers, some applix, some snap.
-Various fleece longies (most not pictured).
-One large tub of cloth wipes (made from the diaper making scraps. I have no clue how many, over 100 I’m sure though).
-One large stack of cloth cotton rounds to apply diaper rash cream.
-Eight diaper pins, five snappis.
-Roll of flushable diaper liners and CJ’s butter.

And it all stores neatly on or in our changing station…



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