We Remember – 9/11

As we look back on the events that happened 12 years ago in sadness and remembrance of the many that were lost, it can be hard to know exactly what to tell our children about that day.

My children are very young as I was only a freshman in highschool when those events took place. I still think it’s important for me to tell them something. Even if it’s only that today we remember the lost and we practice acceptance and tolerance of others. That we don’t practice hatred in any way. Today we remember and we continue to move forward.

Most younger children love firemen and police officers so they may best be able to relate to how ‘heroes saved civilians’.  They can understand the basic concepts of using our hands to help others and you can help this visualize this by creating an American Flag with their hand and foot prints.

I think it’s important that we educate our children without overwhelming them with information that isn’t appropriate for their age.  With younger children, it is probably best to keep the conversation light.  Gage your children’s own maturity levels and teach them what feels most appropriate for them.

Today we thank those who bravely risked their life to save others and their country.  We remember those whose lives were lost.  We move forward and offer our own hands to help continue the rebuilding of our nation.  Today, we remember.


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