Five Minute Fridays – Mercy

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Mercy.  So many thoughts about how unworthy I am come to mind.  I doubt His blessings and his presence in our lives so often and yet mercy is still there.  I complain that what we have isn’t enough when there are those who have much less.  I easily forget what it means to be humbled.  I forget how many times we have been lucky to receive mercy when we were not at our best.

Several years ago we sat in and out of various doctors offices being told that we may not be able to conceive a child. And if we did, I may not carry that baby to term yet again.  I prayed, I cursed, I screamed, I cried.  Over and over.  And yet, by mercy, God gave me that child.  And then 19 months later, he gave me a second with absolutely no complications.  He blessed us, beyond words.

Many years before I met my husband he become very ill.  He spent many, many days in a hospital.  And he is still here with us. And he is happy and healthy.

Have I been merciful to others? Have I paid forward the kindness and mercy that has been shown to me?  I like to think so.  I try to help when I can, I pray for my family as well as many, many others.  I ask for guidance, favor, mercy when someone needs it or ask for it.



2 thoughts on “Five Minute Fridays – Mercy

  1. Your post is a beautiful picture of mercy painted on our lives. I have been bathed in such mercies… infertility and miscarriages turned to life with three children through adoption. And mercy on the very life of my child with whom we have battled health issues for 10 years! The brushes of mercy bring forth song of praise! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Ashley, I am so sorry that you had such pain…but I love seeing bits of you and your boys, you are a great mother and God is so good to us blessing us with these miracles. I know God will use you to encourage other women in that situation. I have a dear friend in that boat right now and has been there for about five years.
    Love you


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