Five Minute Fridays – Truth

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True…what a fitting word for the last few weeks.

The truth was, I was growing tired of working very, very hard in one part of my life and feeling like I was failing immensely in another.  When your main job is to be a mom and you choose to not work outside of the home, but then you feel like you barely know your kids some days while they’re standing right in front of you…. You sort of feel like you’re not doing so hot.

So I refocused and made the changes I needed to make. I cried myself to sleep over some of my decisions, prayed, fought what I was being told. Prayed some more.  And I landed in a happy place.

I tell my husband and my kids that they should just do the best that they can.  That’s all one can do. And it is true. Because they do push themselves to learn more and be better. In that way, they grow. I forgot to follow the advice myself.  I thought I had to be everything to everyone all at once. And I don’t. I just have to do my best.

The truth is, I prefer to watch my children play and play with them instead of just watching over them. The truth is my children flourish when my attention is bestowed on them, not on my latest project. The truth is, I chose to be their primary caregiver and I shouldn’t think of them some days as a hinderance to other tasks. The truth is, there isn’t much more precious than them.

We lose our way sometimes. We get wrapped up in success, or psuedo-success.  We forget what our purpose on this earth is.  But, if we pray, if we sit down and talk it out, we find the truth. There is always a beckoning light to the truth if we just watch for it.


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