Breed Positivity

Challenge yourself….start small, then build up. Start with just one day. No negative comments towards others, whether you or agree or disagree. No hate. No complaining about anything.  See the positive in others, praise the good in  your life.  Be the good in someone else’s life. 

I haven’t been sleeping well and it’s because I feel a need to change.  Change the way I view things and try to be a positive light and influence on others.  This isn’t about religion or politics. It’s just about being a good person.  About loving other human beings and seeing the best in people.

I don’t want to see anymore Facebook posts (from myself or others) that spew hate. Whether that’s bashing someone else’s views or complaining about what someone else has that I don’t. Hate breeds hate and it makes the world an ugly place.

So start small.  For a morning, banish negative thoughts. Build up to a day, a week, a month.  Can you imagine what a year of positivity could do in just one person’s life? Bad things will happen, but just try your damnedest to find a bit of positive and spread that instead of sorrow.


3 thoughts on “Breed Positivity

  1. I’m absolutely with you. Positivity breeds positivity, both within you and among the people around you. If you want some more positivity tips, I’d love it if you wanted to check out my free ebook which you can get via my website (just subscribe to the free newsletter and it’ll come straight to you). I know just what a year of positivity can do to a person’s life – I used to be incredibly negative, but found a way to turn it around. In a year I was like a different person. Now it is my job to help other people to find positivity too, and I feel so grateful to have that privilege 😀


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