Cloth Diapering on a Budget Part 1

When family, friends, or acquaintances find out that we cloth diaper our two children, they are often curious about modern cloth diapers.  Our biggest motivation to cloth diaper in the beginning was saving money.  But there are other reasons – skin sensitivities, no chemicals against baby’s bottom, and producing less waste in landfills.  We started our cloth diaper journey with less than $30.

Sometimes when people see how much a cloth diaper can cost, they wonder how in the world it saves you money.  I get it, seeing a $20 diaper is a big sticker shock. However, not every diaper or diapering system will cost you $20 a pop.  There are plenty of affordable options and you can cloth diaper for a relatively low amount of money.  I will be doing a series of posts over the next several weeks that offer ways to cloth diaper on a budget. I promise you, it can be done and you can save money by choosing cloth over disposables.

One of the first places I would like to direct you to are these free downloadable booklets on Dirty Diaper Laundry.  Kim Rosas has put together these two incredibly informative guides FOR FREE.  There are tips for cloth diapering when no extra cash is available or when you have some money to start your stash with.

I know there are parents out there who truly do sometimes have a choice of diapers or food. If you need help obtaining diapers or know someone who does, there are links to diaper banks at the end of both booklets.  You can also find information on banks at the following links.  Doing a quick google search will also take you to many helpful places.

If you have some money to start and don’t want to sew your own (another post for another day), look around for sells or buy used.  Flip applix (velcro) covers are on clearance at ThanksMama now for $7.47 a piece.  You can place one of their flat diapers inside the cover for a very affordable diapering option.  CottonBabies also has their flips on sale as well as affordable flats.  Kelly’sCloset also offers affordable diapering options like Kawaii; flats, fitteds, and covers.  Flour sack towels that you find at your local Wal-Mart, Target, or other store also work well as flat diapers and are typically about $1 a piece.

Cloth diapering to save money does not have to be an all or nothing approach.  If you can only afford enough diapers to diaper for a day before you need to wash, just do what you can. Each time you’re able to skip buying disposables, buy some cloth and eventually you won’t have to spend anymore money on diapers at all. We started with 12 diapers and slowly built to a number that made cloth diapering two children fairly easy.

Just start small and know that there is TONS of information out there to make it easier!

*Disclosure:  This post contains some affiliate links.

6 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering on a Budget Part 1

  1. I loved using cloth diapers. I admit that I kept a little stash of disposables in just in case, but they really were a ‘just in case’.

    The other great thing about cloth is that they do have a second hand value too, so (I know it feels a long way off if you’re just starting out) but doing a bit of research on which ones tend to sell on well might mean you can recoup some of your money after you’re done with them. I sold on some of mine.

    And there is so much help out there from other cloth diaper moms! I couldn’t believe what a great community of help there was on the internet for fellow clothies!


    • Yes! Cloth diaper mamas can be some of the most supportive out there. It is fantastic to find that when it feels like you’re doing something ‘out of the norm’, but you feel strongly about.


  2. We have a cloth diaper stash of under $160 waiting for our son (Due Nov 1). The stash ranges from New with tag Best Bottoms to Babyland (china diapers cheap cheap on eBay) to prefolds and handmade diapers I made from old receiving blankets (free!)


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