Remembering Our Babies…Everyday

Take a moment to watch this. And then take a moment to help us remember:  Remembering Our Babies…Everyday

I wanted to share this because I am so often faced with people’s uncomfortable silence or apologies if I make an attempt to talk about the babies I have lost.  My most tragic loss occurred right at the 13 week mark. I had severe contractions and it was a horrifying experience that landed me in the ER and in emergency ‘outpatient’ surgery a few hours later….It affected me profoundly.  I have planted flowers for ‘that’ baby (named Evan, yes our precious Nevan’s name is a bit of a tribute and remembrance), I have released butterflies, balloons, said many prayers, and wrote many many journal entries. I remember. I remember each of them.  As we wrap up Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness month, remember that you don’t have to be sad for those that have experienced this loss all the time. We appreciate when you celebrate these tiny, beautiful little lives as much as we appreciate your shoulder when we need to cry about it. Help us remember.


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