Some Days…

12-7-11 (2)

Some days I am just grouchy. I wake up too early, or I spent the night stewing over what went wrong instead of what went right.  I just want to be alone and not be bothered.

Some mornings I give my son a bowl of cereal and he throws it on the floor while screaming at me that…he wants cereal.  And if he was another adult, I’d have the strong urge to throw that empty bowl at him. But he’s not an adult, so I don’t.

Some mornings I’m trying to fill two sippy cups with two different kinds of milk and praying I don’t mix up Nevan’s soy milk with Brenan’s cows milk. Hoping that I don’t spill it as Nevan whines for the cup and pulls on my leg.

8-30-13 (6)

Some afternoons I ask fifty times what the kids would like for lunch and I get one excited child who just loves to eat and one who screams no at everything I say.  One child will cry while I fix the lunch because it isn’t ready yet. One will torment the already upset child by getting in his face or pushing him because he thinks it’s a game. And because he’s the big brother.

Potty times will come and go throughout the day.  My toddler will tell me he doesn’t have to pee and put his pants back on….just to pee in them.  I will change at least two poopy diapers and probably six wet ones, and countless wet training pants.

6-24-13 (6)

Some days I will watch the clock and the door for the magical hour when their dad gets home.  And some days I will be sorely disappointed when he works late. Or when he comes home tired and doesn’t want to give me the break I’ve been ‘dying’ for.

Some days dinner will be a fight, bath time will be a disaster, and Nevan will refuse to go to sleep right away…

But, most days, my children greet me with smiles. Brenan says “Hey mommy. Hey mommy. Hey” Nevan will jump up and down in his crib saying “Hey. Hey. Hey.” I will ask for a hug and he will shake his head no while laughing and proceeding to give me a hug…

6-28-13Most days will be full of funny moments and silly things. I will be reminded of childhood wonder. Of crayons, salt dough, baby dolls, and cars.

I will see amazement as we read books about new things. Happiness as we venture out into the world. Excitement at the prospects of building pillow forts and cardboard houses.  Pure joy as they finally ‘get’ what a holiday means.

Many days will be spent in sweat pants and uncombed hair.  The house won’t be clean, but it will be lived in and memories will be made.

Some days…


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