Our Handmade Stash…of Diapers

There are few places where you hear the words “Show me your stash”…  Who knew one of those places would be among other cloth diaper moms?  Some stashes are small, some are big, some are fashionable, some are basic.  They all get the job done though!

So here are some shots of a bit of our mostly handmade stash.  All those pictured were made by me and cover my two kiddos bums daily.  We have an ungodly amount others that I either didn’t take a picture of, or have lost the picture too.  Patterns I’ve used include three of my own, Rita’s Rump Pocket, Rita’s Rump Cover, Katrina’s Longies, and Katrina’s Soakers.

2 thoughts on “Our Handmade Stash…of Diapers

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