Small Ways to Make a Big Difference – Waste Not

There are many, many opportunities every day to choose reusable products instead of disposable products. It is very easy to do and I don’t think most people realize how many reusable options are available.  Try them all or a few, and feel good about wasting less.10Reusable


There are also way to clean effectively without harsh chemicals.Cleaning
  • Vinegar and water clean very effectively without harsh chemicals.  Mix equal parts water and vinegar to clean counters, tables, cabinets, toilets, sinks, and even floors.  Use 2 parts vinegar and one part water for particularly messy jobs.
  • White vinegar can replace fabric softener effectively in most water types.  Your clothes won’t smell like vinegar either.
  • Soap nuts can effectively clean most laundry.  They are also great to wash floors with.  Place your soap nuts bag in a buck with a 1/2-1 cup vinegar and fill with hot water.
  • An equal parts solution of plain rubbing alcohol and water cleans glass very well. You can also keep a bottle handy in the bathroom to wipe down toilets, sink hardware, and potties.
  • A magic eraser (or even the Dollar Tree equivalent) with a little squirt of dish soap takes away soap scum very easily.  You can use without the dish soap and just put in a little more elbow grease.
  • Magic erasers also take scuffs, crayon, and marker off walls, doors, tables, and floors.

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