Handmade Gifts

Ah Black Friday…the madness, the thrills.  I’m at home this morning sewing away on gifts.  Don’t get me wrong, I do LOVE to shop, but I have no babysitter and no shopping companions this year.  So I’m home.

I’ve made 34 handmade gifts this year and am maybe a little over halfway through my list.  I think handmade gifts sometimes get a bad rap.  As a crafter, I don’t like that.  I think that chosen well and executed with love and attention to detail, handmade gifts are among the most cherished.

I’m not a rich person.  I can’t go buy expensive items for everyone on my list.  I can take some less expensive raw materials and several hours of my time to make them into something nice.  The time to pick out the perfect project, materials, and all the time put into the piece are what make the gift unique and loved.

If you’re not a crafter, you might not understand it.  It might not be immediately apparent that I redid my quilt blocks 100 times until I thought they were just perfect for you.  It might not be easy to understand that I didn’t love the style of what I created, but I knew you would so I stepped outside of my comfort zone.   You probably won’t know that I got I got up early and stayed up late because I wanted to put a piece of my heart and love for you into your gift.

So, if you happen to find a handmade gift under your tree or in your stocking, don’t dismiss it as less worthy than that big shiny package.  Someone probably put a lot of thought, effort, and love into your gift.  And I’m sure they’ll hope you feel all the love they put into it.


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