Christmas for a Child

WondrousChristmasChristmas…I am normally decorating before we even hit Thanksgiving. As soon as the Halloween decor comes down, the Christmas normally goes up.  Not this year.  This year I wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving.  And then I still wasn’t in the ‘Christmas’ spirit.

We brought the tree up from the basement Sunday and decided to start decorating anyway.  Nevan, my one-year-old, was instantly in love.  And there it was. The Christmas spirit found its way back into my heart.  His eyes lit up at the bare tree that was getting it’s pretty sprinkling of lights.  He was in awe.  Brenan, my almost three-year-old, came running in.  “I help you?  Help mom”.  Oh, they were truly a joy to watch.  They wanted to experience it all.  They pulled out the garland and started handing it to me as fast as they could go.  They marvelled at all the ornaments and wanted to know why we couldn’t put them ALL on the tree.

My children bring their enthusiasm for life into every single thing they do.  It doesn’t matter if the tasks is ‘important’ or as small as putting away toys.  They give it their all.  And it is contagious.  When they see me pull out the mixing bowls, they instantly run to the kitchen island and both of them climb up on the stools to help.  When they hear me head to the laundry room, they dart after me to help push clothes into the dryer or pull them out.


My mother still gives me one of those Belkie Bears every year.

Children see the world as magic.  And something like Christmas, well that is BIG to a child.  Honestly, if we let it be, it can still be big and magical to us as adults.  I still remember how seriously my mother took Christmas decorating (she still does).  She does put every single ornament on her tree, and they each have their perfect place.  She made it such a magical time of year for us.  Not one inch of her house isn’t covered in Christmas.  Over the top? Perhaps, but it’s also done out of love.  And it made for such a magical time of year.

While my children, like most children, do enjoy presents, I think they enjoy the spirit and all the fun we have this time of year more.  They LOVE the parades, going to see the light festival, baking cookies, helping decorate.  They light up.  And as a parent, I think that’s what makes the season special.


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