Life’s Stains

Sometimes life is messy.  Our laundry sometimes sits crumpled, but clean.  Our dishes don’t always make it to the dishwasher or sink right away.  Our floors are sometimes sticky.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a stain in front of my bedroom door.  It has been scrubbed, steamed, and yet it remains. That stain has a story – one that makes me smile.  One about a little blond-haired baby who used to love to sneak into the bathroom and carry his shampoo bottle about the house.  And after many adventures with his shampoo bottle, he finally mastered the push top lid and a few years later the stain remains.


While I normally spend a great deal of time making sure stains and messes are cleaned up, they do have their place.  I still own some of the shirts I wore while we were painting our first home.  I love seeing the bright splotches of paint and the symbolism they represent to me.  Little flecks of color and hard work to make our first house a true home.

Sometimes the ‘stains’ in our lives aren’t bad.  They serve as reminders.  Reminders of happy times, reminders of what we could do differently, and what we shouldn’t do again.  So I no longer worry about that dark place on my carpet.  I smile every time I see it. And I look forward to the next marks my children make on our home.



One thought on “Life’s Stains

  1. I don’t know if I have ever conscientiously thought of stains this way but you are so right. The same thing goes for some of the scratches on my furniture and floors.


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