Bye Bye Hell-E-Phant

Does anyone else own the playskool elephant ball popper,  I call it the hell-e-phant?!? I loathe this toy. My kids enjoy it for five minutes and then somebody starts crying because they jammed it.  They stick crap down inside of it that isn’t supposed to be in it and I spend 45 minutes trying to get whatever is in it out. So today, the hell-e-phant met it’s demise. Me, a hammer, and a screwdriver said no more… Bye bye hell-e-phant. I am not going to miss you.


Crap my kids jammed into the hell-e-phant:  balls that go with other toys, play hammer, play screw driver, action figures, socks, blocks, legos, toy cars, forks, spoons, food, and lots of other crap I probably never knew about.

**Please note that my children will probably whine for the hell-e-phant and I will begrudgingly pull it out of the trash and put back together later. If I’m lucky they won’t say a word and off to trash land it will go because I don’t dare force this toy on another parent!**


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