Putting off Tomorrow

My husband and I have a habit of putting things off because we have plans to do X, Y, and Z.  The problem with that is that when X, Y, or Z has no determined date or doesn’t happen, we’ve put off what could’ve been a lot of fun.

My children received a swing set from their Grammi for Christmas this year.  We had talked about buying them one many times and kept saying, “Let’s just wait until we move.”  The only problem with that is that our house isn’t even listed for sale and our move date/year hasn’t even been determined.  We want to move back home, but it’s going to take some time.  So, Grammi bought the swing set, we bought a trampoline, and the boys are thrilled.

LifetobeLivedSeeing their happiness as they played on the swing set taught me a lesson.  There is so much we have put off ‘because we plan to move’.  We have made every effort not to put down permanent roots and it has probably cost us some happiness.  I mentioned to my husband that it might be nice to plant some fruit trees behind the swing set or some sweet-smelling rose bushes. Perhaps put up a small backyard fence.  Again came the ever-present “But what about when we move?”  This time I was prepared.

So what if we move? So what if we put down these roots and we enjoy a pretty yard, a swing set, fruitful trees?  So what if we only enjoy them a short time before we have to deconstruct or say goodbye?  We can enjoy them NOW.  We can make our lives beautiful and rich and not think about ‘what if’.  My sons are not thinking about what happens to our swing set if we move.  It doesn’t matter what happens in a few weeks, months, years to them. What matters is that there is fun to be had now.  There are memories to make.  There is a life to be lived.  And so, we are going to live it and soak every drop of joy from it.

Enjoy what you have and where you are today.  There is time to worry about what happens tomorrow while it’s happening.  Don’t let living in dreams get in the way of your actually living the life you have been handed.  We are blessed with beauty and happiness in our lives now.  I don’t want to put that on hold for what beauty and happiness lies in the future.


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