Are You Really Too Busy?

My son came running up to me, smiling ear to ear.  He held a box of blocks in his arms.  “Build me mommy! Build me!”  But I was just too busy.  “Not right now, maybe later.”  And his face fell.

Was I really too busy?  Or were my priorities mixed up?  I could’ve finished the laundry later.  The dirty dishes weren’t going anywhere.

BusyThere are so many opportunities to take advantage of a moment.  So many chances to turn an ordinary day into a special one.  Will my children grow up and have fond memories of a clean house? No.  They don’t care if there are crumbs around the floor boards or toys on the floor.  Will they cherish memories of times that I sat aside my work to build a block tower taller than them?  Likely.  Because when I look back at my own memories, they aren’t of cleaning or browsing the internet.  They’re of playing and happy days.

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday, to trudge along with all the mundane tasks I think need checking off my list.  Some of the best moments are of when I forgot about what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing and actually did what needed to be done.  Reading my children their favorite book for the 500th time, showing them what happens if you mix a little vinegar with baking soda, or just pulling out those blocks.

There is much love and fun to be had…when we just forget about how ‘busy’ we are and seize the moment.


2 thoughts on “Are You Really Too Busy?

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