Embracing the ‘Crazy’

High-strung.  Eccentric.  Complete type A.  Out there…

All those words have been used to describe me at one point or another.  I’ve often been told by friends that they thought I was shy, even closed off, until they get to know me.  Then I normally tend to be pretty talkative and open.  I will admit to typically ‘thinking outside of the box’.  My mind often races with a million thoughts and I am always involved in some sort of hobby or activity.

EmbracingtheCrazyChildrenThere is a history of bi-polar disorder in my family.  I will be clear and say that it is not something from which I suffer.  But, if I’m being honest, that’s how some describe my ever racing thoughts and my need to always be moving, always be doing something.  I think that would be a broad and flawed generalization of me.  There are many components that make up someone’s personality, and I would attribute my own to many facets.  Both nature and nurture.

Creativity can be a bit of a curse.  Society often labels musicians, artists, designers, filmmakers, writers, and actors as eccentric.  Creativity thrives in the minds of those who see the world differently.  Those of us with thoughts that race faster than our fingers or mouths can convey.  We see a world we long to leave an impression upon.  We want you to feel what we feel, to see what we see.  We want to make you think.  And if just a small part of what we say or do impacts you – we have served a purpose.  We have placed our mark on this world and we feel like those sleepless nights and those accusing stares were worth it.

I have worked in corporate america.  There were parts of my job that I enjoyed greatly.  Though creative I conversely love organization and a bit of structure.  There were parts of me that felt oppressed with creativity that was stifled.  I now spend my days preoccupied with my children.  Building towers, racing cars, explaining what every part of our world is.  This affords me more freedom to create, to dream, and to share with my children all the beauty to be found in this world.

As children we all started as eccentric individuals who didn’t care what anyone else in the world thought of what were doing, saying, or feeling.  We shared everything blindly from french toast brazenly dipped in ketchup to the exclamation of “I have to poop” in the middle of a crowded check out line.  As children, we’re all a little ‘crazy’ and it’s accepted as the norm.  For those of us who learn to use a filter, but still shamelessly experiment with what this world offers us, we often keep that ‘crazy’ tag about us.  EmbraceTheCrazyIf we’re lucky, we find our own little support system of other creative souls who accept us for who we are.  Maybe we find spouses who love our wild spirits and unique approaches to life.  Our children find great delight in parents who encourage days full of imagination and low boundaries.

We paint our lives in vibrant colors.  Music is often a necessary part of every day.  We will discuss topics you may have never heard of with a passion these seems overzealous.  What we want is simple – to change the world.  Even if it’s in a small way.  We embrace the ‘crazy’.  And we often thrive in it.


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