Indulge Yourself

IndulgeYourselfWhether you’re a working mom, stay at home mom, or work at home mom – you need to recharge.  A break from the everyday grind to do a little something just for yourself.

Here are my favorite “for me” indulgences:

  1. Have a treat.  For me, its frappuccino.  I’m not someone who has to have coffee to wake up, but I love a freezing caramel or mocha frapp.  Family members often give me gift cards to my favorite coffee shops for special occasions.  They are my own personal ‘get out of jail free’ cards and I love it.
  2. Indulgent scents.  Whether they’re in candle, perfume, or room fresheners, I love them.  I have a favorite little etsy shop for my room fresheners that I love to treat myself to.  I can hang the little smelly beads in various rooms and when I walk into the room or by it, I’m greeted with a delightful scent.  It’s a nice little pick me up throughout the day.
  3. Fabric.  Whether it’s for sewing or wearing, I am a fabric fiend.  Beautiful prints are my biggest weakness, closely followed by bright colors.  Slipping into a well made garment that boosts your confidence is amazing.  As is transforming a scrap of fabric into something truly special like a scarf or quilt.

How do you recharge yourself?  No matter what you do, make sure you take just a few moments for yourself.  It will benefit you AND  your family.


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