Easy Date “Ins”

AtHomeDatesContinuing to date your spouse after marriage and children is important.  You need the one-on-one time to reconnect and remember why you wanted to spend the rest of your life with each other.  It’s not always easy with children.  We personally don’t let anyone we don’t know babysit our children and we don’t live close enough to family to have someone pop in very often.  Sometimes we have to get creative with the ways we reconnect between the few nights out we get.

Here are some fun date night ideas for when you have to stay at home.  Just put the kids to bed and try one!


  • Movie night.  Okay, this one’s easy.  With Netflix and Smart TVs, it is really easy to rent a movie without even leaving your home.  Make some popcorn, snuggle up, and relax.
  • Dinner, minus the children.  Make dinner for the kids and put them to bed.  Get some nice takeout or prepare a nice meal together that is just for the two of you.  A meal without food being thrown at you, one where you can actually talk, is nice.
  • Take a walk down memory lane.  Have a box of old ticket stubs?  Go through them together and talk about the events you attended.  Relive your dating years and remember just how you fell in love.
  • Game night.  Laugh if you will, but even before we had kids, my husband and I played a lot of board games.  They can be a carefree way to have fun and get the conversation flowing.
  • Have a night-time backyard or living room picnic.  No, I’m not condoning you to leave your sleeping children in the house and ignore them.  If you can’t leave a door open or you don’t have a baby monitor, keep the picnic inside.
  • Twenty questions.  Remember when you started dating and you would ask each other a million getting to know you questions?  What’s your favorite color?  Meal?  What do you plan to do  in five years?  Ten…  Do this again.  People change with time, you might be surprised.
  • Play name that tune.  We’re music lovers.  Grab a tablet, go to YouTube and pick a song.  See if your spouse can name the song and then trade-off.
  • Massages.  Get some nice massage oil and give each other a massage.  It’s a nice, relaxing, intimate thing you can do for one another.  And if you have kids, I know you have tense shoulders that could use the relaxation.

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