Sewing Quick Tip: Presser Foot Spot

I sew with a lot of different materials so I tend to change my presser feet and needle types often.  Lots of times, I need to switch out the type or size of needle only for a few minutes during a project.  Needles and presser feet tend to be smaller and I don’t want to risk losing them in the chaos that can sometimes be my sewing desk.    I am adamant about keeping them in the same spot each time I change one out.

Presser Foot Keeper

I call it my presser foot keeper.  Really, it’s a cloth coaster I sewed up.  I just keep it beside or behind my machine and I always know where that changed needle or presser foot is.  When I’m done sewing, I put my standard presser foot back on and store the other one.  While my machine isn’t being used I put the coaster under my needle, lower the needle into the coaster, and lower the presser foot.  Sometimes I keep a spare needle in the coaster while it’s being stored so I know it’s not ‘fresh’ but still has a few hours of sewing left in it.

Presser Foot Keeper (3)


Cloth coasters are easy to make, or you could even use a scrap of fabric.  A face scrubbie would work just as well although you may need to make the circle bigger. Just have fun with it!

Presser Foot Keeper (2)



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