DIY Easter Baskets

I’ve made my children’s Easter baskets for three years now.  Each year I think their baskets get a bit more complex and so it’s a fun challenge for me.  This year I made a gift basket in addition to my children’s.  I usually make a few each year when friends or family ask me to make one.  Here’s some inspiration to sew your own basket.  It can be a super simple project, or a more complicated one.  It’s easy to find a soft basket style to fit your sewing skill level.  Here’s a little Easter Basket inspiration from some of the baskets I’ve made.

FeltBaskets LinedCottonBaskets PatchworkBasket


I’ve winged it on all the baskets I’ve made.  You really only need to cut out five squares of the same size and handles.  Or 2 squares of the same size, 2 rectangles of the same size (with same height as squares), and a rectangle with long sides the same as the rectangle length and short side the square length plus your handle.  You can even finish the sides and stand the basket up, draw a circle around the bottom and cut your bottom fabric from that template to have a circular or oval basket.You can do baskets with curved tops or various shapes.  Felt will stand on its own and won’t fray when cut so they only need one layer.  Cottons can be paired with felt, or you can add a stabilizer.  You can make lined baskets, appliqued baskets, etc.  Just have fun with it!

Here are a few from patterns from across the web if you’d prefer to have a pattern or need some guidance.  One day, when I don’t have two littles keeping me busy, I’ll get around to doing full tutorials for all the baskets above:


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