Ten Things I Miss About Life Before Kids…And Ten I Don’t

WithoutKidsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAhhh, I feel like I can barely remember the days before we had kids.  It seems like I spent forever pining away for children thinking that they would make our life magical.  And that they did.  But, there was a lot to love about married life with no kids.  Here are my top ten.

  1. Sleeping in on days off.  Sometimes past noon.
  2. Weekend getaways that were a spur of the moment decision.
  3. Being able to go an entire week without using a vacuum or broom.
  4. Getting away with using a mop once a month…sometimes longer.
  5. Running the dishwasher once or twice a week.
  6. Going out to dinner and eating in peace.
  7. Impromptu movie dates.
  8. Indulging myself in new clothes whenever I felt like it.
  9. Vacations that were actually relaxing.
  10. Running in and out of a store in a matter of minutes.

WithKidsAnd while I’d love to do any of those things now, I wouldn’t trade these messy, loud, needy children for anything.  Sometimes I need a reminder, the grass is always greener.  The top ten reasons to keep these lovely little mess makers?

  1. They’re hilarious without even trying.  My kids have NO filter.  They will say or do whatever pops into their brains.  And while often embarrassing, it is also purely delightful to watch.
  2. They always want to help.  They’ll go get me whatever I ask for if I turn it into a game.
  3. The bring out the kid in me.  From blowing bubbles to playing tag, they put energy and light into all they do and you can’t help but be pulled in.
  4. They remind me of what is truly important in life.  Not money or material things, but love and family.
  5. They give my life meaning and purpose.
  6. They took all the boredom out of our lives.  You cannot be bored with children in the house, you just can’t.
  7. The endless hugs and kisses.  They love to give them and get them.
  8. A love deeper than anything you’ve ever known.  You won’t get it until you have them.  And once you have it, you won’t trade it for anything.
  9. They humble you and empower you all at once.  From giving birth to raising them in everyday life.  They embarrass you, they push you to limits you didn’t know you had.  You’ll find a strength greater than yourself and you’ll realize just how short your time with them really is.
  10. They made me forget the pain of miscarriage and infertility.  My journey to my boys was a hard one.  Full of pain, doubt, and fear.  There were losses and there was a time when hope was gone.  My children renewed my faith and my hope.  They brought me back to life.

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