Top Ten Dollar Tree Picks for Spring

DollarTreeI LOVE Dollar Tree.  Seriously, I find so many useful things there that save us money.  Here are my top ten spring picks from the Dollar Tree.

  1. Containers.  Whether it’s buckets, big bowls, or any other container they have, they get a lot of use in this house.  I use them for storage all over the house – playroom, linen closets, table tops.  We use them to plant flowers, veggies, and herbs.  The kids play with them.  Easter baskets, gift baskets….need I say more?
  2. Outdoor toys.  From the plastic shovels, sandbox toys, to the bubbles and swimming noodles.  They’re all great and keep my kids busy outdoors.
  3. Side walk chalk and silly string.  More outdoor fun.  Cheap, but fun.
  4. Plastic plates and bowls.  If you do a lot of picnics or BBQs, stock up on the plastic plates and bowls.  They’re great to wash and reuse, but if someone accidentally throws one away or ruins one, it’s no big deal since you can usually get a four pack for $1.
  5. Plastic cups. Ditto above.
  6. Their version of the magic eraser.  Works fantastically well and you get two for $1.  Crayons, grill, patio furniture…it’ll clean ’em.
  7. Yard decor.  Okay, so the wind chimes and other yard decor likely won’t last through more than one season.  But, if you have my kids, the expensive ones generally won’t either 😉
  8. Rugs.  Our Dollar Tree doesn’t have them all the time, but when they do I normally grab a couple.  The rugs are normally small, but they’re the perfect size to throw by the front and side doors.  I especially love when they have fun prints and colors, but hey, beige is cool too for a buck.
  9. Candle torches.  These are great for fire pits or lighting your citronella candles.  Not to mention a grill that’s being a pain.
  10. Shower curtain liners.  It’s part of spring cleaning or seasonal cleaning.  Or just for when you need a new one.  Sometimes they have fun prints or colors and for something I change every few months, I’m happy to pay $1 and still have it do its job well.

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