Embracing Life

How many times have you thought, “I can’t wait to do…when…”.  Our family will be complete when we have children; our lives will be better when I get that promotion…  It’s a normal thought process, living in the future instead of today.  It’s normal, but it can be detrimental to our happiness and well-being.

Having goals is a good thing, it’s a great motivator.  Goals push us to try harder and step out of our comfort zones.  Goals help us accomplish tasks we never thought we could.  It’s equally important to be content with what you have and where you are.

My resolution for this year was to be present.  I was referring to my children, but it’s become a goal that has wrapped itself around my entire being.  Being present – being content and happy with what I have.  Making the decision to live life instead of waiting on a new one.  Being present has meant enjoying the simplest things in daily life and embracing them for all that they can be.  Being present has meant setting aside the idea that more money or a different home would make us happier – because they won’t.  What makes you truly happy is opening your eyes and heart to what the world has offered you and making the most of it.

TrueHappinessA funny thing happens when you start to be content and pleased with the life you have.  Life takes on more meaning and all the treasures that you didn’t realize you had start to open up to you.  You find the simple happiness in an evening spent reading stories with your children.  You find joy in spending a night with someone who means everything to you, falling deeper in love with them than you had imagined you could be.

Transformation of one’s way of thinking isn’t something that you can do overnight.  We’re taught from an early age to always be striving for more.  We push our babies to crawl, walk, run, feed themselves, be independent.  We teach our children to learn more and more, and strive harder and harder to obtain perfection and achievement.  Most of this achievement and strive for self-improvement is necessary and essential to our survival.  But sometimes, just once in a while, it’s okay to let ourselves and our children know that they don’t necessarily have to conquer EVERYTHING.

Sometimes we need to accept that we can’t do it all at once and we can’t be everything to everyone.  Sometimes, we just need to step back and be content in what we have so we can truly appreciate all the blessings that have been presented to us.  Sometimes, it’s okay not to be the best, but just be happy in what we are doing.

Part of learning to be happy and content is learning that you won’t always be right and you may have to change your perspective to be okay with something that you cannot change.  Changing perspectives can do a lot to create happiness in one’s life.  It can also give us a new vision to allow us to meet goals and make a move towards change when it is necessary.

Choosing to be present in your own life is, in my opinion, the start of any real happiness.  What we often forget when we say we’ll start doing something later, when things line up, is that life doesn’t put itself on hold for us.  While we’re waiting to live, we already are whether we realize it or not.  Choosing to embrace the life that is constantly coursing through us and around us is what actually living is.  Living is beautiful.  Stop putting it on hold and immerse yourself in what’s already happening…


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