Crib Upcycle

Crib Rail as Blanket StorageThere hasn’t been a crib in use for several months in our home.  It’s a bittersweet thing –  the end of babyhood and the entry into childhood.  I like to make sure all of our furniture has a dual purpose so we naturally got a crib that converts to a toddler bed and a full bed.  My kids though, they don’t care about ‘intended purpose’.  They prefer bunk beds and bright-colored plastic toddler beds – my crib now has no real purpose.  I see all sorts of crib up-cycles on Pinterest for desks, benches, and chairs.  While all these are excellent ideas, I don’t really want to permanently alter our crib.  There is a chance I’ll want to use it again in the next few years so those permanent alterations aren’t really practical for me.

Crib Rail UpcycleOur family is a family of cuddlers.  My children and I especially.  We don’t care if it is 80 degrees outside, we’re often wrapped in blankets if we’re reading or watching television.  So we have A LOT of blankets.  I fell in love with the idea of a ladder storage system for our blankets, but the price tag on most of the ones that caught my eye were more than I was willing to pay.  As I was packing away the crib, I thought you know, this kind of looks like those blanket ladders when it’s turned up on its end like this.  Toddler Room Blanket StorageSo, now we have blanket ladders for all our snuggly blankets.  And my ‘useless’ crib?  It has a purpose until another baby needs it.

I didn’t do anything fancy to my crib rails. I simply took them off the no longer in use crib, turned them vertical, and hung our blankets through the slats.  It leans perfectly up against the wall and doesn’t take up a ton of space.  Nothing was altered so that if another baby ever comes along, I can easily put the crib back together…and find a new home for our blankets.


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