‘Lazy’ Meal Ideas

Easy Meal IdeasIt’s summer…or practically summer.  It is 90*F out and I don’t really want to spend much time in the kitchen.  Or at the grill.  I mean, this is the south and it is HUMID beyond belief.  Summer or not, my kids and family still want to be fed.  Here are a few ‘lazy’ meal ideas that have floated around our house lately.

  • Baked potato bar.  You do have to turn your oven on for this, but it’s pretty much a throw it in and forget it for an hour thing.  I do easy toppings for this one too.  Mainly toppings I can do quickly on the stove top or leftovers from the night before.  Broccoli, shredded cheese, any frozen stir fry veggie mix.  Maybe some shredded chicken or leftover chili.  Basically whatever you have can be used and the kiddos will probably find it fun to load their own potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are a good option too, especially with a dash of cinnamon.
  • Stir fry. It’s super quick and easy whether you chop all your veggies fresh or use a frozen veggie mix.  You can add poultry or beef, or just do an all veggie mix with some added nuts for protein.  It’s light on the tummy and doesn’t take long to cook.
  • Easy MealsGrilled veggies.  Corn on the cob…is there another food that screams summer so loudly?  Whether you put it on the grill or the oven rack, corn on the cob is delicious.  Grill up a few squash, zucchini, onions, mushrooms…or just make kabobs out of it all.  Easy and delicious.
  • Salads.  I love salads. They’re versatile and typically quick.  You can add veggies from your own garden or go crazy with all sorts of veggies, fruits, nuts, poultry, fish, beef…  Really, you can make a salad out of anything.  Just put out a little party tray of toppings and let everyone make their own.
  • Taco bar.  Noticing a trend?  I’m into the ‘let everyone do it themselves’ thing.  No one gets a topping they don’t like and the clean up is easy.  You can get party trays for $1, might as well get a few and make good use of them.
  • Soup and sandwich.  I tend to lean towards lighter meals in the summer.  If I’m swimming a lot or just active, I feel better if I have a few smaller meals instead of three big ones.  Lighter meals fit into this scheme easily.  Grilled veggie sandwiches and a small bowl of soup are perfect.  If you make a big pot of soup, can or freeze smaller portions for later on.  They can last all summer.

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