Moments of Quiet

I often get up early just so I can nurse a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet of a still, crisp morning.  I like to sit by my front window, coffee in hand, and watch the dew on the trees and grass dissipate as night turns to day.  It’s in those quiet mornings, that hour of solace in nature, that I refresh my soul and my being for the day.

As I sit, sip, and glance out the window, I often feel the tingling in my mind and the itching in my fingertips to create, express, and be.  The calm that has washed over me has quieted my racing thoughts enough to encourage me to write and create.  Sometimes I put fingers to keyboard, pen to paper, or fabric to machine.  Some mornings I’ll pick up my phone and call someone just to chat.  Whatever it is my soul needs to start the day on a fresh page, I listen and I do.

This ritual isn’t entirely new, but it is something that was missing from my life for a while.  I need little moments of quiet and solitude to ground me.  Without them, my mind is racing and my body forgets how important it can be to take a moment and be still.  Moments of QuietI’m certainly not alone in my racing thoughts and ever-moving body.  Careers, children, relationships, running households…these things take their toll.  We all need our release.

I envision a backyard with tall trees around the border.  A natural fence where I can one day sit in solitude, not seeing other houses.  View plants, flowers, and nature’s critters.  An old wooden chair with a hand sewn quilt and that ever familiar coffee mug that provides warmth and coziness as much as it provides refreshment.  I imagine words that leap across pages, bringing to life emotions and dreams that are yet to be conceived.

These moments of quiet are mine.  They are between my parched soul and my open heart.  They are embodiments of my yearning for a quieter, simpler life.  They are my unplugged moments where time has stood still and I have surrendered myself to what nature has to behold.  These moments are where my dreams meet my reality and beckon me to make them real.  This is where I create my happily ever after…


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