Ten Reasons To Grow A Garden

This year, my children and I grew our first garden.  While not all of our crops turned out great, we got a lot of enjoyment out of the experience.  It is something we definitely plan to do every year now and hopefully it’ll only get better as we go.  Here are some of the reasons we enjoyed the experience so much.

  1. It teaches you patience.  You plant the seed, water, nurture, and wait.  There’s really no rushing it, you just have to learn to wait.
  2. It helps keep you fit.  Gardening is work…hard work.  Digging, cultivating, hoeing…  You can’t do all that and not be physically active.
  3. It gets you outdoors.  Every single day you’ll be checking on your plants to see what they need.  This means fresh air and putting yourself back in nature.
  4. It saves you money.  While you need to put some money in, growing your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs can save you BIG in the long run.  If you grow enough, you could even sell (or gift) your surplus.
  5. It can be very relaxing.  Though gardening is hard work, there is something very soothing about sinking your hands into the earth and creating something out of a tiny seed or small plant.  There are no complicated pieces – just you, the dirt, and the seed.
  6. It teaches your children the value of hard work.  If you let your children help, they learn that it takes hard work to produce good results.  A garden won’t grow if you don’t water, weed, and nurture it.
  7. It can add beauty to your landscape.  I’m always amazed at how just a few pretty flowers can liven up our front yard.  And it’s nice to look out and see nature’s beauty.
  8. It tastes good!  Home grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs are the freshest you can get.
  9. It teaches you to roll with the punches.  Not every crop will turn out every time.  You can do everything right and have your crop not turn out.  You learn to enjoy the experience and learn from your mistakes.
  10. It reduces your carbon footprint.  When you buy food at the grocery store it has often traveled many, many miles to get to you.  If you pick it out of your backyard, there wasn’t much traveling involved.

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