Custom Cloth Diapers

Custom Cloth DiapersIf you’re new to the cloth diaper world, you are probably amazed at all the prints and colors offered by cloth diaper companies.  There are of course classic white diapers, but you also get a wide rainbow of colors and oodles of prints.

Cloth diaper moms love to incorporate a diaper’s design into their child’s outfit.  And, why wouldn’t they?  They’re adorable in photo shoots and just plain cute in person.  What’s a mom to do when she can’t find a diaper to match a birthday or photo shoot theme?  Why, she orders a custom diaper of course!  If she sews, she might even make it herself.

There are many WAHMs (work-at-home-moms) who offer custom diapers in just about any design, print, theme, or color that you choose.  The only limitation is your imagination and finding the proper fabric.  Some of the smaller cloth diaper companies are still run by WAHMs who still offer customization as well.  When choosing a WAHM, make sure that they are CPSIA compliant and check their reviews to make sure you are truly going to get a diaper worth a custom fee.  There are loads out there who are all too happy to give you their certificates if you ask.

If you’re looking for custom embroidery, check out Bottombumpers.  I love the quality of Buttombumpers and how trim they are.  If you’re ordering a custom diaper you get to choose from over fifty embroidery designs, thirteen PUL colors, and over twenty snap colors.  You also get to choose whether you want sized or one-size and snaps or aplix in the sized.  You can order directly online or through one of their retailers.  They also have a great Facebook Group where you can chat with other Bottombumpers mamas and one of their owners Stacy.  That is truly personal service!

Bottombumpers even offered up twenty custom ‘surprise’ diaper spots to Kelly’s Closet a few months ago where you gave them your likes and dislikes and you got a surprise diaper.  How cool is that?  If you exclusive diapers, they are doing a Safari of Love Collection that will include four diapers with designs exclusively for Kelly’s Closet.  The first month is a Love Elephant and it is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

Chelory is a WAHM company with a reputation for high-performance diapers.  If you swing by their Facebook page, you’ll find that “Create Your Own Listings” are often offered with options to customize a diaper.  The diapers are adorable and come in a wide array of designs, colors, and prints.  Even better, they get very high marks over at Padded Tush Stats out-performing many diapers in their category.

Bunzuke Cloth is a page I often scroll through because I am amazed at the creativity of these diapers!  They are truly custom diapers and I am convinced there is no limit to Sara’s creativity.

Robin Diapers also offers customs in some adorable fabrics and design choices.  I hear rave reviews for her diapers on the cloth diaper boards I frequent as well.

There really are a plethora of companies who offer custom cloth diapers.  Just do your research and make sure you’re working with someone who offers a quality product and honest business practices.  Working with someone to create a unique diaper just for your little one can be a really fun experience and the WAHMs (and some WAHDs) who offer the experience typically enjoy it just as much as you do!

*The Kelly’s Closet links provided are affiliate links.

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