Mama Cloth as a Gift

Mama Cloth As A Gift*Please note that in the USA the sale of cloth pads is regulated by the FDA and there are fees associated with selling cloth pads in and to the USA.  Don’t get yourself into trouble by gifting or selling in the USA unless you have gone through the proper licensing.*


I often get asked by friends and online acquaintances about natural, green living products.  Whether it be cloth diapers or mama cloth, friends sometimes refer others to me for more information.  I’m happy to share the knowledge I’ve gained about these products and am always glad to convert someone to a greener life.

What is the easiest way to get someone to try something new?  Give it to them for free.  I’ve found that some women are interested in mama cloth, but they are not interested in the higher cost associated with the transition to using it.  Sure, a disposable pack of pads is cheaper in the short-term, but any cloth pads you buy can normally be used for years and are actually cheaper.  The same goes for tampons vs. cups.

As an avid sewer I often do ‘fabric cleanups’ to use up scraps from past projects.  Cloth pads are fantastic for using up flannel, fleece, hemp, and bamboo scraps as they’re small and even lend themselves quite well to piecework when needed.  Now I’ve probably got you wondering if I really give cloth pads as a gift for birthdays and Christmas.  And I don’t.

When I gift  pads I prefer to do so as a starter kit so that the person can get a feel of what using cloth is really like.  I usually include five shells with about ten inserts and this will be enough for someone to get a decent feel of what using cloth is all about.  It’s also important to provide education with the pads.  Information on how to use, store, and wash pads is important.  Information on how much absorbency is generally needed is also quite helpful.

If you sew, you can easily make your own pads from our free patterns:
Adjustable Absorbency and Liners
Hidden Contoured Core, Overcast Edge
Exposed Contoured Core, Overcast Edge
Exposed Core, Overcast Edge

If you’re an avid sewer who wants to advocate for the use of cloth menstrual pads, you can use your scraps to make cloth pads for curious friends.  I never suggest giving cloth pads to someone who hasn’t expressed an interest, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of friends who do have an interest and a desire to try something new.

Below you’ll find a two-page informational sheet that I include with my mama cloth gift packs.  This sheet is written for sets with the adjustable absorbency pads as I find these are the most versatile and fit a wider array of menstrual flows.  I normally include different toppers so that the new user can get a feel of stray-dry toppers and flannel toppers to find what they like best.  I even fold the top pad and do a different array of inserts to show the new user how they work.  This is detailed in the sheet and can give you a guide on how to present the gift.  However, you can also use the sheets as a guide to create your own informational cards if your gifted sets differ from those detailed in the sheet.

Feel free to print them and use them, just please don’t sell them.

Mama Cloth Information Sheet:  Mama Cloth Starter Kit.


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