Felt Witch’s Hat

Witch's HatAs much as I love creating a one of a kind sewing pattern, I also love the convenience of printing one and devoting all my creativity to making the actual finished project.

I happened across this mini witch’s hat pattern a few years ago and have used it in some form every Halloween since.  I have always used regular craft felt for this pattern and skipped the interfacing pieces altogether.  I have also used one brim piece and find that one piece works almost as well, if not better than, using two pieces.

Felt is wonderful for this project because it stands on its own and eliminates the need for interfacing altogether.  You can use ribbon, buttons, or any embellishment that suites your fancy for these hats.  You can add ribbon to the sides to tie them on or pin them to your head with bobby pins.  They are also ideal for Halloween decor and my kids have even popped them on their stuffed animals.  You can even scale the pattern to make larger, or smaller, hats.

Enjoy!  And feel free to share a few of your own witchy creations.  My hat this year is for a witch who’s a super hero villain.  Idea courtesy of my three-year-old 😉 .


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