Graphic Art Freebies: Printable Grocery List

This week’s graphic art freebie has a practical use – cute, printable grocery lists that coördinate with our kitchen art freebies from a few weeks ago.  Enjoy!

*Click the photo to make it larger and print.

Printable Grocery Lists


Kitchen Art Printables

Need something fresh and different to brighten up your kitchen?  Try this week’s, “Eat, Drink, Laugh,” or “When life hands you lemons…” printables! Just click on the images to make them full size.  You can download them and print them out to frame.

When Life Hands You Lemons

Eat Drink Laugh

Relax and Wash Away The Day Printables

I love simple clean lines in a bathroom.  I feel like it should be a nice relaxing place and one small simple piece of art or decor can change the entire mood of the room.  This week’s graphic art freebies embody that relaxing, tranquil atmosphere.


Wash Away The Day

Bedroom Art Printables

Ah, time for a new year.  I’ve decided to mix things up a bit with the blog, especially in our graphic art freebies.  I usually offer up a few cover photos or some holiday graphics, but we’re going to expand a bit this year.

I’ve always loved being able to create something fresh and new to decorate my home as my style and the seasons change.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to create some new graphics or snap a few new pictures and put then in pretty, but inexpensive frames.  It’s a cheap way to instantly give a room a makeover.

This week I’m bringing you two printable pieces of art that would go nicely in the bedroom.  They’re fresh, but simple.  Print them on photo paper, pop them in a fun frame and you have new art for your bedroom walls.  Enjoy!


Sleep Sweet

*Simply click on the photos to bring them up full page and them download to your computer.   The Dream graphic was created to be printed as an 8X10 and the Sleep Sweet graphic would print best as a 7X5.