Graphic Art Freebies: Nature

This week’s freebies focus on nature.  I am never more at peace than when surrounded by nature’s beauty and grace.

Turn Dreams Into Reality

True Beauty is Found in Nature

Solitude in Nature

Graphic Art Freebies: Family

This week we have three graphic art freebies centered around family.  Download them, make them cover photos, frame them as wall hangings, or use them as little gift tags.  Just have fun with it 🙂


Career Mom


We Do Family



Graphic Art Freebies – Cover Photos

I get a lot of requests from friends or family to create little pieces of graphic art.  Sometimes for a birthday card, invitation, or something as simple as a Facebook cover photo.  I’m definitely not a pro, but I have fun playing with these little things so I thought I’d share a few cover photos that you can save to your computer and then upload to Facebook for  your own personal use.  I ask that you please don’t crop my website address out of the photos.

If there’s an interest I can put up a few of these a week.  Just comment or shoot us a message with something you’d like to have/see and just maybe it’ll end up posted the next week.  I think some cloth diaper advocacy ones are in order, what about you?

Write Your Own Script


Step to Journey

Happily Ever After


You ARE Doing It

I’ve never thought of myself as a physically strong person.  I have weak arms and little endurance.  But, I made it through childbirth twice, once without medication.  And it was a highly empowering experience.  Towards the end of that labor, as I was going through transition (aka hell), I kept saying, “I can’t do this.”  And my amazing nurse would say, “But you ARE doing this. And you can do this.”  And I did.

So now, when I feel like I can’t do something be it physical, mental or emotional, I remind myself of that.  “I am doing this…I CAN do this.”  Keep your chin up, nothing worth it is every easy.