Cloth Trainers

Cloth TrainersPotty training is often bittersweet for cloth diaper moms.  While we don’t love dealing with poop, we do love our diapers.  Luckily, there are lots of cloth trainers out there that are just as cute as diapers so you can prolong your love of cloth just a little longer.

Like diapers, cloth trainers come in different styles.  Some pull-up just like underwear.  Some offer hidden side-snaps to make accidents easier to clean up.  Some are even good for overnight potty trainers who haven’t mastered night training yet.  If you were a cloth diaper mama who tried a bit of everything, you can keep up that variety with potty training.

Pull-Up Cloth Trainers
Some children respond best to trainers that look and feel like real underwear.  Pull-up trainers can do this best while still offering a little more protection than padded training pants.  Most offer a water proof liner and enough protection for one accident.

  • Blueberry Trainers are pretty close to underwear.  There are no snap-in inserts and the absorbency is hidden.  They also come in toddler friendly, super cute prints.  They aren’t absorbent enough for more than one accident, but are great for regular daytime wear.
  • Bummis Potty Pant also resembles underwear AND offers a natural cotton/hemp feel wet liner.  Not designed for overnight wear, but great for day training and available in two fun polka dot prints.
  • Best Bottoms Training Pants have been our personal favorite.  The main reason we love them is that they offer snap-in feel wet inserts that can be changed if the shell isn’t soiled.  You could even use them with your small and medium Best Bottoms inserts from the diaper days!  They come in five cute colors that can also be purchased in a combo pack with color coordinated feel wet inserts.  These trainers are absorbent enough for one accident with the feel wet inserts, although you may get a little more absorbency if you use the diaper inserts.  They are not recommended for overnight use.
  • Super Undies Pull On Pants come in five fun colors and five sizes.  They pull up and down easily and offer a hidden pass through pocket that allows you to boost absorbency as needed with inserts.
  • Sloomb Trainers are the most like underwear.  They are not waterproof so they would need to be paired with Sloomb wool to protect from leaks.

Side Snapping Cloth Trainers
Poop accidents in cloth trainers can get messy.  Side snapping trainers make them easier.

  • Flip Trainers offer side-snaps but can also be pulled up and down.  They’re unique in that they are one of the few one-size trainers with interchangeable side tabs.  You get the fun bumGenius colors you’re used to and as with flip diapers, you can reuse the shell and just change the inserts.  Flip trainers can also be bought in a kit with a shell, side panel, and inserts.
  • Grovia’s My Choice Trainer is also one sized with snapping side panels.  They pull up and down like real underwear, but make messes easier with the snaps.  You can use them as is, or you can boost the absorbency by added an insert to the hidden pocket for naps or nights.  They’re available in four fun colors that can be mixed and matched with the side panels to create custom designs.
  • Kissaluvs Pocket Training Pants come in bright solid colored outers with fun prints inside.  This can be fun for your child as  you tell them to keep that print pretty and not pee or poop on them.  These pants pull up and down, but also offer a hip and waist snap for easy clean ups and adjustable fit.  You can stuff the pocket with an insert to boost absorbency.
  • Super Undies Snap On Potty Training Pants offer the same fun colors and size options as their pull on pants, but you get the easier clean-ups with hidden side snaps.  You can still use the hidden pass through pocket to boost absorbency as needed with inserts.

Overnight Cloth Trainers
Most children will master daytime potty training before they get the hang of night training.  You can continue to use diapers for nighttime or you can keep your child in cloth so that they feel more consistent in underwear.

  • Super Undies Cotton Nighttime Undies are designed to be a transitional underwear for nighttime trainers.  Their absorbency should be boosted with inserts for heavy wetters or older children who are wetting the bed.  These pants come in four sizes and can fit all the way up to age 14.
  • Super Undies Bedwetting Pants offer the maximum absorbency.  You get four size options than can again go up to age 14, but you also get colors that are a little more grown-up and less toddlerish if you have an older child who needs nighttime protection.

Potty training can be a challenging time for parents and children alike.  It’s new and sometimes scary.  Outings can be daunting at first as you worry about leaks and accidents.  Cloth trainers can make this easier as they offer some waterproof protection, but keep a feel wet feeling that doesn’t hinder training progress.  Just keep a few extra pairs of clothes in the car for those early weeks and in no time, you’ll have a big kid.

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