Cloth Diaper Key Chain Tutorial

CDKeyChainColBeing an advocate for cloth diapers is important to me.  I sooo wish I had given them a chance right from the beginning with my oldest son.  I didn’t hear much about them back then and what I did hear was pretty negative.  My cloth diapering journey began when he was 15 months old and my youngest was in cloth from about two weeks old.  They’re both still in cloth diapers and we love them.  Here’s a quick tutorial for a cloth diaper key chain.  Maybe the little cutesy diaper on your key chain will spark up a conversation about cloth diapers and you can be an advocate.  Even in a small way, spreading the word about the health and economic benefits of cloth diapers can make a big difference in the life of a new mama (or dad!) on the fence about cloth.


  • Fabric Scraps – Three small scraps will work.  I use charm squares or 4X4 squares from my quilting stash.
  • Scissors
  • Snaps – I use KAM Snaps size 16.  You could also use velcro, or just add buttons.
  • Interfacing – I prefer Heat n Bond sewable.  Quilt batting would also work.
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • The CD Key Chain Pattern: CDKeyChain Do not fit to page or scale, print actual size.  Please do not sell this pattern as it is my own.

The slide show below will show you the steps to create your key chain.  It’s a quick project and a lot of fun.  The slide show starts with the picture of three fabric scraps and the pattern.  You can pause the slide show at anytime or go back.

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Cloth Diapering On The Go

ClothDiaperingOnTheGoWant to know a secret?  For the first year or so that I cloth diapered, I rarely used cloth if we were going out.  I kept a small stash of sposies for outings.  Why?  Well, to be honest, it was easier.  No wet bags, sposies take up less room in the diaper bag, and I could just leave them in a diaper bag whereas I’d have to pack cloth with each outing due to our smaller cloth stash.

With two toddlers still in diapers, I now take our cloth on the go most of the time.  I love our cloth so much more than a disposable diaper and I’m very comfortable using it.  I just had to find the right on the go system for us.  Snapless fitteds with covers were bulky for the diaper bag, but AIOs are easy peasy.  Below are a few of the cloth diapers that make outings and travel with cloth easy.

All-In-Ones (AIOs)

AIOs are my first choice for on the go cloth diapering.  After trying several systems, I found this the easiest for us.

  • My favorite AIO is the Thirsties AIO in aplix.  It is also available in snaps, but I feel like the aplix makes it even easier to change.  The new aplix is super strong.  My boys are heavy wetters so I slide a hemp doubler under the sewn in tunnel-style microfiber soaker and we’re good to go.  I don’t have to unstuff them before I throw them into the wet bag because the doubler will fall out in the washer.  So they can go straight from the wet bag to the washer or diaper pail with no fuss.  They are also one of the most affordable AIOs out there.  See why they’re my favorite?
  • Bottombumpers is another AIO that I like.  It’s pricier, but it really is a nice diaper.  The side snaps make is super trim in the front, very easy to fit jeans over.  I also add a hemp doubler to ours, just laying it inside the diaper.  The soaker inside is snapped in instead of sewn in, but this helps the diaper dry more quickly.

Covers and Flats

Covers and flats are my second choice for on the go diapering.  They probably pull into first place for camping or short weekend trips because they can easily be hand washed.

  • Flips and flats.  Flips and flats are perfect diaper bag material.  They’re slim and you can reuse a cover several times before washing it.  I padfold our flats with a doubler hidden inside so when it’s time to do a diaper change, I throw the dirty flat into a wet bag and pop the new one into the cover.  Easy peasy!


Pocket diapers are also pretty easy on the go.  Just prestuff them and throw them in the diaper bag.  The only reason they rank third on my personal list is that I have to pull the insert out of the diaper before I throw them in the wet bag.

  • Kawaii’s and Imagine Baby are some of my favorite pocket diapers.  They’re one of the most affordable and they work well.   You can get them in pretty solid colors and fun prints.


There are a few accessories that make cloth diapering on the go very easy.  Find a good wet bag, a simple spray bottle for cloth wipes, a reusable container to store dry cloth wipes, and some sample sized or spray cloth diaper safe rash cream.  That’s it! Super easy.

So, have you made the transition to using cloth while you’re out and about?  I promise, it’s not scary!  We get lots of compliments on our diapers.  I have answered questions about them in many public bathrooms so cloth diapering on the go is a great way to advocate for cloth.  When others see how easy it can be, they’re intrigued.

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