Diaper Sprayers

ClothDiaperSprayersYou know one of the biggest reasons I hear when people object to cloth diapers?  Poop.  They don’t want to touch poop.  I laugh at this as a veteran mama.  Even before I started using cloth diapers, I touched some baby poop in my days as a mother.  All mothers and fathers and caregivers will at some point whether we mean to or not.

People who don’t use cloth are often surprised when I mention that no, you don’t actually have to touch poop to cloth diaper.  I don’t touch poop anymore than a mom who uses disposable diapers does.  In fact, because cloth diapers tend to stop blow outs, I probably touch it even less.

The first time I encountered a diaper sprayer it was on a coworker’s baby registry.  A friend and I were looking over it and we were both like what?!?  You have to spray the poop?  Where do you spray it?  Where does it go?  Ewww, cloth diapers are gross!  Fast forward a few years and I was several months pregnant wedged between my bathtub and the toilet, installing my own diaper sprayer.  Funny how time and perspective can change you.

A diaper sprayer works by connecting to your toilet’s existing water supply.  It has a little handle to turn the water flow on and off.  You simply take the poopy diaper to the toilet and spray the contents off the diaper and into the toilet.  It’s really that easy.  If I can install it while heavily pregnant, I’m sure most people can do it easy peasy.

The great thing about a diaper sprayer is that it aids in getting your diapers as clean as you can.  By getting as much of the poop off as possible, the pre-rinse and washing of your diapers is made easier.  They’re also great for potty training because you can spray off soiled underwear or even your child’s bottom.  I use our’s to aid in cleaning my toilet and since it’s right beside the bathtub, it is also fabulous for spraying down the tub after a bath or shower.

If you’ve had a baby, you remember the peri bottles they give you to use after each restroom visit.  A diaper spray can do this same job and you don’t have to keep up with a bottle.  It is also really nice for mama cloth and cup users.  You can easily spray off pads before putting them in the bin to wash.  If you keep your cup cleaning solution close by, you can use the diaper sprayer to thoroughly wash and rinse your cup between changes.  It can also double as a handheld bidet for anyone to use.  It really is a multi-purpose tool in our house and has gotten far more use than I ever imagined it would.

We’ve used cloth diapers for over 2.5 years now and only a couple of months of that time was without my diaper sprayer.  A diaper sprayer has made our cloth diapering journey a very smooth one and is definitely the one cloth diaper ‘splurge’ I would recommend.  It just makes cloth diapering easy in my opinion.  Do you use a sprayer?

*This post contains some affiliate links.  The links all direct you to Kelly’s Closet, a cloth diapering and natural living company I support and love.  Their products are top-notch and their customer service is simply amazing.