Kelly’s Closet Turns 14 {and They’re Giving Away Mama Cloth!}


We are so excited to help Kelly’s Closet and celebrate 14 years of cloth diapering! KC has been my go to for modern cloth diapers and accessories since we started adding to our homemade stash a couple years ago.  Through them we have discovered CJ’s BUTTer, our favorite Thirsties diapers, and a plethora of other brands and products.

Kelly’s Closet first opened its doors back in April 2001 well before bumGenius, Rumparooz, GroVia and Thirsties even existed.  Kelly’s Closet is now home to almost 100 brands of cloth diapers, diapering accessories, and eco-friendly products for the entire family.  They are truly more than just a shop.  While located solely online, they give AMAZING customer service and product support that you won’t find in many store fronts.  They reach through the computer screen and engage with customers every day, providing cloth diaper education and support to thousands daily.

KellysCloset14yrsOn April 1st, Kelly’s Closet kicked off 14 days of giveaways to celebrate. Each day new items have been added and today I’m proud to bring to you a set of two Pink Lemonade Minky Pads.  These pads are fleece backed and are truly my favorite cloth pads!  They’re comfortable, stain resistance, and absorbent.  Not to mention, they’re super soft and pretty.  An even bigger bonus for me is that they were created by a WAHM, and that always gets big props in my book.

Be sure to follow both Kelly’s Closet & Diaper Shops social media pages for more chances to win.
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Each giveaway will end at midnight ET on April 14th.

Use the link below to get entered and good luck!


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St. Patrick’s Day Cloth Diapers

StPattysDayCDSt. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and whether you have Irish heritage or not, it can be a fun day to be festive with green and rainbows.  Children love to do festive crafts and pick out festive outfits.  Babies and toddlers don’t have to be excluded and can be decked out down to their diapers.  Here are some of my favorite cloth diapers for St. Patrick’s Day.

Bumgenius always offered fun colors and prints available in all their diaper lines.  Whether you’re a fan of the 4.0, Freetime, Elemental, or Newborn you can catch one of the St. Patty’s Day appropriate diapers.  Grasshopper is a muted, spring green while Hummingbird is a deep, rich green.  You could also grab one of the limited edition black and white prints like Osa and color it in with fabric markers for a festive rainbow diaper.  Flip fans can get the same colors in a fun, versatile cover.   Or you could opt for just a colorful trim with Econobum.

Thirsties is a personal favorite of mine.  I just love their diapers, they fit my children so well and hold up fantastically.  Celery and Meadow are available in a One-Size Pocket, Covers, All In One, and Duo Wrap Cover. If you have a newborn you can grab Celery and fitted lovers can pick up Meadow.

Rumparooz One Size fans can choose from Lazy Lime or Spring.  Or they could sport Invader, Jeweled, Preppy, or Quinn for a rainbow look.  These colors are also available in Lil Joeys, Covers, NB Covers.  You can even grab Lazy Lime and Spring in doll diapers!

Blueberry brings us Kiwi and Geo available in One Size, Covers, and Bamboo.  You can grab Meadow Green or Geo for your newborns.

AppleCheek’s Appletini brings a little fun to the St. Patty’s Day party.

Babykicks gives a punch of true Green.

Best Bottoms covers give us several options:  Dragonfly Ripple, Key Lime Pie, Green Giraffe, Camo, GI Jane, Open Season, and the beautiful rainbow that is Tie Dye or Dragon Scales. Even your potty trainer can have a festive bum with Pistachio and Playful Panda.

Bottombumpers brings us the appropriately named Shamrock as well as Kiwi.

Bummis has you covered with Kale and Pistachio Dot.  If fitteds be sure to grab be sure to grab green chevron.  If you prefer fun prints check out Green or Celery Dot.

Funky Fluff offers a Stay-Dry  or Bamboo Option in Green & Purple or Teal & Lime.

Imagine Baby brings you a bit of luck with their wool cover,  PUL cover, or pocket in Emerald.  Their Rawrgyle leggings are sure to complete the look.

Itti Bitti’s Wasabi and Seaweed offer fun punches of green while Shazam and Chilin’ bring us a rainbow of fun.

Kissaluv’s Grassy Green is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day Cover.  Lime Green is available in a soft fitted.  They can cover your Newborn with Spring Green.  If you’re looking for a print, consider Happy Bugs, Monkeys, Summer Dots, or Zoo Blue.

Moraki’s Green and Hippie are two more great choices.  Their shamrock bottom Celtic Pride was MADE for St. Patty’s Day.

Smart Bottoms offers a fun mix with Bloom, Ella, Emerson, and Tiedye.

SmartBums Sprout is bright and fun.

Tidy Tots gives us several more options with Lime Green, Spring Green, Sea Mist, and Dinosaur.

Tots Bots offers us Sweet Pea and Hey Diddle Diddle.  The striped Thistle is available in a fitted.

Which diaper(s) will you be choosing for St. Patty’s Day?

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Valentine’s Diapers

Valentine's DiapersOne of the perks of using cloth diapers is that you can match the diapers to your baby’s outfit or even pick diapers to match holidays and events.  Cloth diapers have come a long way from plain white squares of fabric and rubber pants.  Nowadays, you can find cloth diapers in almost any color and print.  Here are some of my favorites for Valentine’s Day.

Thirsties Limited Edition Sweetheart Collection – A diaper with a fresh white background and a splash of pink hearts make this the perfect Valentine’s Day diaper.  Available as a cover, pocket, or AIO diaper you also gets lots of options to meet your cloth diapering needs.  Orchid and rose are also great.

BumGenius Dazzle and Countess.  A deep purple and a bright, hot pink make these adorable peeking out from under a cute Valentine’s dress.

Rumparooz Spice is a gorgeous muted red.  Sherbert’s purply pink is rich while Amethyst is softer.  Tulip is the perfect baby pink while Crimson is red hot.  Lux would also make a fun valentine’s print with it’s blends of pink and red.  Rumparooz offers so many Valentine’s friendly colors you could set up an assortment for the whole day!

Grovia’s Persimmon and Poppy add a little more color variation to the lineup.

Applecheek’s Love HappensSuddenly Royal and Jem add two pretty purples to the assortment.

BabyKicks Red would be perfect for your little gentleman.

Best Bottom’s Strawberry Shortcake gives us a little pop of yellow with our pink.  Very Cherry gives a classic red and white while Wild Berry blends two purples.  If you want to mix in a little green, try Plum Pie.  For a splash of black and white try Cookies N Cream.

ButtomBumper’s Cherry, Plum and Pixie are adorable.  Bubble Gum gives us a little bit of green with all the pink and purple while Licorice gives us a black and white chevron sure to compliment all those reds and pinks.  Sweet Cherry mixes it up a bit with fresh cherries and flowers on a pink backdrop.

Funky Fluff offers Love Bug and Pink.

I’ve always loved Itti Bitti’s rich, velvety colors.  Mulberry and Papaya are simply decadent.  Danube and Hanako add some adorable prints.  And Bubble Gum gives us another pop of pink.

Tidy Tot’s rounds out our Valentine’s Day diapers with Violet, Cheeky Cheetah, Pink Circles, and the adorable Tweet Heart.

Of course, the best part about all of these cloth diapers is that they can be worn every single day to add a bit of love to your baby’s tushy.

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Storing Dirty Cloth Diapers

Storing Dirty Cloth DiapersOne of the biggest deterrents to trying something new is not understanding it.  There’s a misconception that cloth diapering is time-consuming and complicated.  It’s not, doesn’t have to be at all.  Today we’ll talk a bit about storing dirty cloth diapers until wash day.  How often do you HAVE to wash?  Generally you should wash every 2-3 days and between washes your dirties will need to stay in a pail or wet bag.

Diaper Pails

Even if  you’ve never cloth diapered, I’m sure you know what a diaper pail is.  Disposable diapers often have their own pails and the same can be said for cloth.  Diaper pails don’t have to be fancy.  I use a flip top trashcan…it’s really that simple.  I don’t use a pail liner in my pail.  Instead I clean and disinfect it after I dump my diapers into the washer.

Pail liners can make diaper laundry easier, especially if the diaper pail you’re using is difficult for you to lift, or would need to be carried up or down stairs to the laundry room.  If you’re going to use a pail liner, I would recommend having at least two.  This way you can wash the dirty pail liner with your load of diapers and switch to a clean one while your diapers wash.  Of course, if you have more in rotation, your liners will last longer because they won’t be going through as many washes.

Pail liners will either have an elastic top to hug the pail or a drawstring.  You can even purchase them in antibacterial versions.

Hanging Wet Bags

Another convenient way to store dirty cloth diapers is a hanging wet bag.  These can be hung over a door knob, towel rack, or any hook to make storage convenient.  If you’re changing diapers in a few different rooms or on different stories of a house, hanging wet bags can be great.  They don’t take up much space and transporting them to the washer is super easy.

The Grovia Perfect Pail can turn any hanger into a diaper pail.  The top self-closes so you can easily drop in your dirty diaper and forget about it until wash day.  The bottom is nice and sturdy and even unzips to make emptying into the wash a breeze.

The nice thing about wet bags is that you just dump the diapers into the washer and throw the wet bag in too.  Easy peasy!

Before You Store

Storing dirty cloth diapers really isn’t much different from storing dirty disposable diapers.  As a bonus, they aren’t going into a landfill.  Dirty cloth diapers are really just laundry.  Before you throw your poopy diapers in the pail or wet bag, dump the solids into the toilet.  Having a diaper sprayer can help you get as much poop as possible off the diapers before you store them for wash day.  You may also want to hand rinse your night diapers before storing for wash day because it helps keep ammonia at bay.  Just rinse, squeeze, and throw in the pail/bag.  The SprayPal keeps you from touching the poop/pee at all.

What About The Smell?

Diaper pails and wet bags that breath generally don’t generate a lot of icky smell.  The smell is typically contained in the pail or bag.  If you really want to make sure your pail is as odor free as possible, you can use a bit of baking soda or a pail deodorizer just as you would in a disposable diaper pail.  Another bonus of cloth?  You’re flushing the poop down the toilet and poop isn’t sitting in your diaper creating extra stink in the first place.  A cloth diaper pail will rarely, if ever, smell as rank as a disposable diaper pail.  Trust me, I’ve used both and I much prefer cloth.

I hope this has helped debunk any myths you’ve heard about how complicated cloth diapers are.  At least when it comes to storage.  You can browse through our other cloth diaper articles to see how easy cloth can be.  Have a question about cloth?  Leave a comment or shoot us an email, we’d be happy to help answer any cloth questions you have!

*This post contains some affiliate links to one of my favorite cloth diaper retailers, Kelly’s Closet.  It also contains my 100% honest, unbiased opinions as a mom who has used cloth diapers on two children over the last 2.5 years.

Cloth Trainers

Cloth TrainersPotty training is often bittersweet for cloth diaper moms.  While we don’t love dealing with poop, we do love our diapers.  Luckily, there are lots of cloth trainers out there that are just as cute as diapers so you can prolong your love of cloth just a little longer.

Like diapers, cloth trainers come in different styles.  Some pull-up just like underwear.  Some offer hidden side-snaps to make accidents easier to clean up.  Some are even good for overnight potty trainers who haven’t mastered night training yet.  If you were a cloth diaper mama who tried a bit of everything, you can keep up that variety with potty training.

Pull-Up Cloth Trainers
Some children respond best to trainers that look and feel like real underwear.  Pull-up trainers can do this best while still offering a little more protection than padded training pants.  Most offer a water proof liner and enough protection for one accident.

  • Blueberry Trainers are pretty close to underwear.  There are no snap-in inserts and the absorbency is hidden.  They also come in toddler friendly, super cute prints.  They aren’t absorbent enough for more than one accident, but are great for regular daytime wear.
  • Bummis Potty Pant also resembles underwear AND offers a natural cotton/hemp feel wet liner.  Not designed for overnight wear, but great for day training and available in two fun polka dot prints.
  • Best Bottoms Training Pants have been our personal favorite.  The main reason we love them is that they offer snap-in feel wet inserts that can be changed if the shell isn’t soiled.  You could even use them with your small and medium Best Bottoms inserts from the diaper days!  They come in five cute colors that can also be purchased in a combo pack with color coordinated feel wet inserts.  These trainers are absorbent enough for one accident with the feel wet inserts, although you may get a little more absorbency if you use the diaper inserts.  They are not recommended for overnight use.
  • Super Undies Pull On Pants come in five fun colors and five sizes.  They pull up and down easily and offer a hidden pass through pocket that allows you to boost absorbency as needed with inserts.
  • Sloomb Trainers are the most like underwear.  They are not waterproof so they would need to be paired with Sloomb wool to protect from leaks.

Side Snapping Cloth Trainers
Poop accidents in cloth trainers can get messy.  Side snapping trainers make them easier.

  • Flip Trainers offer side-snaps but can also be pulled up and down.  They’re unique in that they are one of the few one-size trainers with interchangeable side tabs.  You get the fun bumGenius colors you’re used to and as with flip diapers, you can reuse the shell and just change the inserts.  Flip trainers can also be bought in a kit with a shell, side panel, and inserts.
  • Grovia’s My Choice Trainer is also one sized with snapping side panels.  They pull up and down like real underwear, but make messes easier with the snaps.  You can use them as is, or you can boost the absorbency by added an insert to the hidden pocket for naps or nights.  They’re available in four fun colors that can be mixed and matched with the side panels to create custom designs.
  • Kissaluvs Pocket Training Pants come in bright solid colored outers with fun prints inside.  This can be fun for your child as  you tell them to keep that print pretty and not pee or poop on them.  These pants pull up and down, but also offer a hip and waist snap for easy clean ups and adjustable fit.  You can stuff the pocket with an insert to boost absorbency.
  • Super Undies Snap On Potty Training Pants offer the same fun colors and size options as their pull on pants, but you get the easier clean-ups with hidden side snaps.  You can still use the hidden pass through pocket to boost absorbency as needed with inserts.

Overnight Cloth Trainers
Most children will master daytime potty training before they get the hang of night training.  You can continue to use diapers for nighttime or you can keep your child in cloth so that they feel more consistent in underwear.

  • Super Undies Cotton Nighttime Undies are designed to be a transitional underwear for nighttime trainers.  Their absorbency should be boosted with inserts for heavy wetters or older children who are wetting the bed.  These pants come in four sizes and can fit all the way up to age 14.
  • Super Undies Bedwetting Pants offer the maximum absorbency.  You get four size options than can again go up to age 14, but you also get colors that are a little more grown-up and less toddlerish if you have an older child who needs nighttime protection.

Potty training can be a challenging time for parents and children alike.  It’s new and sometimes scary.  Outings can be daunting at first as you worry about leaks and accidents.  Cloth trainers can make this easier as they offer some waterproof protection, but keep a feel wet feeling that doesn’t hinder training progress.  Just keep a few extra pairs of clothes in the car for those early weeks and in no time, you’ll have a big kid.

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Cloth Diapering Tips and Tricks

KC GiveawayFriends and family often refer parents interested in cloth diapers to me.   There really aren’t that many people who cloth diaper where I live, or that I know, so I’ve gotten pretty comfortable being an advocate for cloth.  It makes me happy to help others learn about something that has been beneficial for my children and my family.

Here are my top tips for using cloth diapers. After you learn all these easy hacks, get entered to win a $100 Gift Certificate for and sponsored by Kelly’s Closet. Make sure you check out all the useful diapering tips offered by the other bloggers as well!

  1. Start slow.  There is A LOT of information about cloth diapers out there.  There are also many types of diapering systems available.  My best advice is to first educate yourself on the different types.  You don’t have to try them all, just know what features are most appealing to you and go for it.  Cost, ease of use, etc.  This page is an excellent resource for getting started.
  2. Get a diaper sprayer.  While I feel like many cloth diapering accessories aren’t a necessity, a sprayer is something I don’t think I could cloth diaper without.  I’m sorry, but poop is the WORST part of parenthood to me.  I tried cloth diapering without a sprayer for two months…it wasn’t for me.  We use the bumGenius sprayer and it’s still making my cloth life easier over two years and two kids later.
  3. Make sure you are using a cloth diaper safe cream.  When we started cloth diapering, I brushed this one off.  I thought, yeah okay, whatever and I continued to use our store-bought cream.  I ruined a handful of diapers this way.  Diaper Cream ApplicatorsAfter a few months, they repelled and no amount of scrubbing or soaking stopped it.  I now have several swim diapers…but, I would have preferred to keep them in our regular rotation.  My favorite cloth diaper safe cream is CJ’s BUTTer.
  4. If you MUST use a cream that isn’t cloth diaper safe, use a fleece or disposable liner.  Trust me, I learned the hard way.  Just don’t flush the disposable liners.  They have a known tendency to clog toilets so they are better thrown away.
  5. Make or buy some of these babies to apply diaper rash cream.  You can buy spray diaper potions as well, but I prefer creams and just love these reusable cotton rounds.  They’re good for all sorts of things from nose bleeds to small scrapes, even quick breast pads.  You could also apply rash cream with your cloth wipes.
  6. On The Go Cloth DiaperingBuy sample size diaper creams for the diaper bag.
  7. AIOS are great for on-the-go cloth diapering and babysitters.
  8. Skip the cheap diapers…It is so tempting to buy those $5 and under diapers from Ebay.  I think most of us have early in our cloth diaper journey.  But they just aren’t worth it.  I’m sad to admit, we tried them too.  None of them lasted more than a few months and they did not fit my babies very well.  We learned all about wing droop and delamination through these diapers.  Trust me, spending a little more on a quality diaper that will last through one or more babies is a better investment.  If you need budget friendly diapers, there are lots of resources available.  I’ve done several posts on them that can be found here:
    *Flour Sack Towels and Covers
    *Diapering With Common Household Items
    *Diapering Need
    *Investing in Cloth
    *Cloth Diapering on a Budget
  9. Do not, under any circumstance, get caught up in crazy wash routines.  Diaper laundry can by far be the biggest nemesis of cloth diapering parents – but it doesn’t have to be.  Most cloth diaper companies will state which detergents are ‘safe’ for their diapers.  Using their approved detergents keeps you from voiding your warranty.  I will say this…(please take it with a disclaimer that you should always try and keep your warranty by following the manufacturer’s instructions…when feasible)…I have successfully used ‘mainstream’ detergents with no problems.  Cloth Wipe ContainerAs long as the detergent doesn’t have fabric softener or bleach, it has worked well for us.  We have used Xtra, Purex, Sun, Tide, Era, and All.  I have also used Soap Nuts and while they work well for our cloths, they did not get our diapers clean enough.  If you have hard water, look into a softener.  Just don’t start the crazy stripping, bleaching routines UNLESS there is a problem like stink, leakage, or rash.
  10. Try cloth wipes.  They’ll save you money and it actually just makes cloth diapering easier.  You don’t have to separate the diaper from the wipes when you’re throwing the diaper into your wet bag or pail.  Even novice sewers can make them or you can use baby wash cloths.  We have a full sewing tutorial on them here.
  11. Re-purpose disposable wipe containers and use them for your cloth wipes.  They make potty training and cloth diapering on the go much easier.
  12. If you wet your cloth wipes and they tend to get musty smelling, try filling up a squirt bottle of water and cleaning solution to spray on the individual wipes or directly on baby’s bottom.  Spray Cloth Wipes Instead of SoakingThis way your wipe solution won’t sour and there’s no chance of mold growth.  It also makes it easy to leave dry wipes in the diaper bag or car.
  13. Get yourself a good wet bag…or a few.  They make holding dirty diapers easy and hassle free.  And they’re good for swim suits and transporting snacks or medicines.
  14. Mini wet bags are GREAT to throw your cotton rounds, sample size creams, and small spray bottle in for on the go cloth diapering.
  15. Don’t be afraid to try something different.  I started with snapless fitted pocket diapers.  To put it simply, they require more work than most diapers.  You have to stuff them, pin/snappi them, and then put a cover over them.  They were the most economical choice for what I had to work with at the time and they performed great for my heavy wetting children.  Try a variety of cloth diapersAs finances got a little better, and my time got a little less with two children, I switched to mainly pockets.  I’ve used all sorts of diapers on our little journey from flats, prefolds, pockets, and my new favorite AIOs.  If one system doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean another won’t.  All babies are shaped differently and most brands offer slight variances in fit.  Don’t be a cloth diaper snob, it’s okay to try and love a new brand!
  16. The biggest cloth diaper tip I can give is to find a support system.  You will be amazed at how many people try to talk you out of cloth.  Most people who haven’t tried cloth diapers in the last few years don’t understand just how modern cloth diapers are.  Cloth diapers have come a long way and these days, they are pretty easy to use!  There are tons of blogging communities and facebook groups dedicated to cloth.  There are many people out there willing to troubleshoot problems and offer encouragement and advice when needed.

Need some help getting started on your cloth diaper journey?  Click on the giveaway and get entered to win a $100 Kelly’s Closet Gift Certificate: Kelly’s Closet Rafflecopter Giveaway.  Open to US residents over the age of 18 yrs old.  Must enter by June 30th, 2014 to be eligible to win.

Checkout all these other fantastic tips and tricks for cloth diapering:

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Cloth Diapering On The Go

ClothDiaperingOnTheGoWant to know a secret?  For the first year or so that I cloth diapered, I rarely used cloth if we were going out.  I kept a small stash of sposies for outings.  Why?  Well, to be honest, it was easier.  No wet bags, sposies take up less room in the diaper bag, and I could just leave them in a diaper bag whereas I’d have to pack cloth with each outing due to our smaller cloth stash.

With two toddlers still in diapers, I now take our cloth on the go most of the time.  I love our cloth so much more than a disposable diaper and I’m very comfortable using it.  I just had to find the right on the go system for us.  Snapless fitteds with covers were bulky for the diaper bag, but AIOs are easy peasy.  Below are a few of the cloth diapers that make outings and travel with cloth easy.

All-In-Ones (AIOs)

AIOs are my first choice for on the go cloth diapering.  After trying several systems, I found this the easiest for us.

  • My favorite AIO is the Thirsties AIO in aplix.  It is also available in snaps, but I feel like the aplix makes it even easier to change.  The new aplix is super strong.  My boys are heavy wetters so I slide a hemp doubler under the sewn in tunnel-style microfiber soaker and we’re good to go.  I don’t have to unstuff them before I throw them into the wet bag because the doubler will fall out in the washer.  So they can go straight from the wet bag to the washer or diaper pail with no fuss.  They are also one of the most affordable AIOs out there.  See why they’re my favorite?
  • Bottombumpers is another AIO that I like.  It’s pricier, but it really is a nice diaper.  The side snaps make is super trim in the front, very easy to fit jeans over.  I also add a hemp doubler to ours, just laying it inside the diaper.  The soaker inside is snapped in instead of sewn in, but this helps the diaper dry more quickly.

Covers and Flats

Covers and flats are my second choice for on the go diapering.  They probably pull into first place for camping or short weekend trips because they can easily be hand washed.

  • Flips and flats.  Flips and flats are perfect diaper bag material.  They’re slim and you can reuse a cover several times before washing it.  I padfold our flats with a doubler hidden inside so when it’s time to do a diaper change, I throw the dirty flat into a wet bag and pop the new one into the cover.  Easy peasy!


Pocket diapers are also pretty easy on the go.  Just prestuff them and throw them in the diaper bag.  The only reason they rank third on my personal list is that I have to pull the insert out of the diaper before I throw them in the wet bag.

  • Kawaii’s and Imagine Baby are some of my favorite pocket diapers.  They’re one of the most affordable and they work well.   You can get them in pretty solid colors and fun prints.


There are a few accessories that make cloth diapering on the go very easy.  Find a good wet bag, a simple spray bottle for cloth wipes, a reusable container to store dry cloth wipes, and some sample sized or spray cloth diaper safe rash cream.  That’s it! Super easy.

So, have you made the transition to using cloth while you’re out and about?  I promise, it’s not scary!  We get lots of compliments on our diapers.  I have answered questions about them in many public bathrooms so cloth diapering on the go is a great way to advocate for cloth.  When others see how easy it can be, they’re intrigued.

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