Mother’s Day Memories

On this #TBT, I did something a little different.
Instead of a picture, I’m going to share some of my favorite memories of the special ‘moms’ in my life.
1. Christmas with my mom. Especially as a child although she does it just the same for me as an adult. I figured out Santa very early on, I was always a little wise beyond my years in some areas, others not so much. When I figured it out around 5yo she let me help her with wrapping ALL the presents and would buy me one special small something to play with while we stayed up late on weekends doing all the wrapping. Now, if you know my mama, you know Christmas is her thing. There was not a corner of our house not decorated, she even wrapped the range hood in wrapping paper and let me tell you, to see our house so transformed at Christmas was just magical to me. I always love remembering those late Friday nights, her bedroom strewn with toys and gifts while she taught me how to properly wrap a present and let me ‘test’ our Christmas gifts. She also always took us shopping for a new outfit before every field trip. It was always special to me.
2. My grandma had a big impression on me. We stayed with her in the summer, anytime school was out, and after school. She lived right next to us. I’m so sad that dementia is not letting my kids see the granny I grew up with. It’s a hard thing for me to come to terms with. My granny taught me to do chores first thing in the mornings. We’d sweep, polish furniture, wash dishes, all sorts of things. She’d french braid my hair and I thought that was the most relaxing soothing thing I’d ever felt. I still long for that relaxed, pampered feeling some days. Every day mama would pack us a ‘satchel’ full of books and my granny would put both my sister and I on her lap and read us every last one of those books. When it stormed, she’d turn all the lights off reminding us her house wasn’t ‘grounded’. Then she’d have us sit in the floor, away from the windows, and she’d tell us ghost stories for hours. She’d tell us all about her daddy coming home in the rain, lighting matches and seeing horses that weren’t there. Dogs that turned into balls of fire. My granny was the best ghost story-teller I’ve ever come in contact with. And every time it storms, I long to sit down in the floor, Indian style, and listen to her tell me a story. I probably chose to be a stay at home mom in hopes of recreating such a rich childhood like she did for us. There is such beauty in the simplicity that is motherhood and it’s something I have treasured from very early on.
3. Aunt Vickie. My aunt also lived next door to us for much of my childhood and we spent a lot of time with her. As I’ve grown older she is more like a second mother than an aunt. And my children think of her as another grandma. She would take us for rides in her meticulously cleaned and waxed car. The leather seats were well oiled and if we didn’t buckle up, we’d go sliding across the back which we thought was fun. She’d take us down ‘spooky’ dirt roads and tell us stories about the ghosts on them. This tradition she has passed along to my boys and they absolutely love it. She’d let us listen to her HUGE collection of CDs and play VHS tapes of The Monkees for us. And she’d let us come to work with her at the library in the summer which was an adventure for us. We’d get to desensitize discarded magazines and books and hide out in the work stations. Of course she’d let us watch our very favorite ghost story tape in the media room too. And I STILL miss those stories! She still spoils my kids and I rotten.
4. I miss watching my Granny Ollie quilt by hand. She also liked to tell us stories about growing up which we loved.
5. My aunt Anna used to bring my cousins down every Friday so we could play. And we’d often all pile into one car and ride to the Dollar Tree which we loved.
6. My aunt Jane would let us come to her house to swim and we spent many Sundays playing at Granny’s with Colby.
7. While not part of my childhood, I am very happy that Becky is a part my children’s. They love going to Nana’s house and I love that they are so richly loved and cared for when there.
No family is perfect, but I am blessed with ‘mothers’ who care, love, teach, instill values, and let us have fun. I am not a perfect mother, but I try very hard to be a good one. And these women taught me how to do that. Thank you all.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day used to be a pretty miserable day for me.  I had several miscarriages in various stages of pregnancy before I had the two little lovies I have now.  So now, we celebrate and I normally take a small moment in the day to remember those babies we have lost who I know are watching over us and our little boys.

Mother’s Day is going to be hard for our family this year though because my husband lost his grandmother barely a week ago.  I know she will be celebrating in heaven and looking down to help those who are here get through.

The boys and I made up some gifts for their grandmothers today.  Hopefully they won’t get on here and take a peak before tomorrow 😉

Upcycled puffie containers into flower vases.

Upcycled puffie containers into flower vases.

Brenan's handprint and Nevan's footprint on each one.

Brenan’s handprint and Nevan’s footprint on each one.

And this one is framed.

And this one is framed.

Brenan wanted to paint his grandmothers pictures and add eyes.

Brenan wanted to paint his grandmothers pictures and add eyes.

Evan’s Poem

This is a poem a wrote a few years ago for Evan on Mother’s Day.  Tonight, I think of him and smile although often I cry. But not tonight.
For those who don’t know, Evan was the name chosen for one of the babies we lost in 2006, just two days after hearing a heartbeat.  Our youngest son’s name Nevan is of course, in tribute to our lost baby.

Mother’s Day isn’t so easy for my Mom and me,

From where I’m at, it’s sometimes hard for her to see.

She does her best to smile,

But keeping her composure can sometimes be a trial.

Mother’s Day isn’t so easy for my Mom and me.

There are no cards or pictures I can draw for her,

No real memories to keep,

At night I can hear her weep.

Mother’s Day isn’t so easy for my Mom and me,

I know she’s always thinking of what could be.

I hold her hand while she’s asleep,

In with the moonlight I do creep.

Mother’s Day isn’t so easy for my Mom and me,

I wish I could tell her that this was all meant to be.

One day I’ll get to see her,

But right now that day is just a glimmer.

Mother’s Day isn’t so easy for my Mom and me,

But each day I watch her and send her peace.

No, it’s not always so easy for my Mom and me,

But she knows in Heaven, her baby I’ll always be.