Sewing Tutorial: Cup Cozy

DIY Cup CozyOne of the best things about being able to sew is that you can add a bit of you to almost everything in your life, beverages included.  If you drink a lot of coffee like me, you know that the cardboard cup cozies don’t do much to protect your hands from the warmth of the beverage.  Luckily, making your own fabric cup cozy is very easy and highly customizable.


  • Cotton Fabric – don’t need much so raid your scrap bin
  • Felt Fabric
  • Elastic
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Safety Pin
  • The detailed and illustrated Cup Cozy Tutorial PDF:  Cup Cozy Tutorial.

*Join us next week and we’ll show you a way to customize your cup cozy!

Sewing Tutorial: Hanging Organizer

Hanging Organizer TutorialI’m an organized person.  I like for things to be tidy and have their place.  With two kids, and an addictive passion for sewing, I have a lot of small items in my home.  Things we use A LOT.  I like to find ways to organize all our ‘stuff’ that is still easy for us to access.  These handy little hanging organizers work nicely for that.

The organizers are very inexpensive to make (you can make one for less than $1) and super quick to sew up (twenty minutes or less).  You can easily customize the fabric print to suit any style and you can change the type of fabric to make them more or less sturdy depending on your needs.
Materials Needed

  • Two pieces of fabric in your preferred sizes. The organizers featured in this tutorial are made with two sheets of felt.  The organizer body piece is approximately 9X12 and the divider piece is approximately 4.5X12.  You can use whatever sizes suit your needs.  It’s important to select a fabric strong enough to support your needs.  For lightweight items, I like to use felt because it’s inexpensive and it doesn’t fray even when cut.  If you’re using cotton or another fabric that frays, you will need to bind the edges or you will get fraying.
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric pen or chalk to mark button holes
  • Ruler (optional)
  • The fully detailed and illustrated (FREE!) Hanging Fabric Organizer PDF available by clicking here: Hanging Fabric Organizer Tutorial

Possible UsesEasy Hanging Organizer

  • Sewing supply caddy
  • Crafts
  • Crochet hooks
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Small toys
  • Kid’s art supplies
  • Hair bows and brushes
  • Fork and spoon organizer
  • Message center
  • Etc…

**This tutorial is provided free of charge, you may do what you wish with the finished project.  We ask that you DO NOT try and sell the tutorial.

Sewing Tutorial: Scrappy Turkey

Scrappy Turkey TutorialLooking for a fun and easy way to create a one of a kind piece of clothing for your child to wear this Thanksgiving?  Look no further!  Our Scrappy Turkey can be created with little fabric, minimal sewing experience, and is as versatile as it is cute.

You can go simple and let the turkey’s feathers lay flat, sewn down to the piece of clothing.  Or you can give them a bit of flair and let them stand up as those shown in the picture do.  Little hands love a 3D piece of clothing that lets them explore.  Using different types of fabric that have different textures is also fun for them.  The fabric choices and embellishments are endless and entirely up to you so that you can create a truly unique piece just for your little turkey.

To create your turkey you will need:
– An item to attach your turkey to.  You could use a bib, t-shirt, even the butt of a pair of pants.  You can hand make the article of clothing or buy a ready to wear piece to embellish.
– Several small pieces of fabric large enough to cut your turkey and feathers from.  Colors and fabric type can vary to suit your own tastes.
-An iron on fusible stabilizer that can be sewn.  I prefer Heat and Bond Lite – sewable.
– Sewing machine, scissors, thread, pins.  Hand sewing needle – optional.
– Embellishments such as ribbons or buttons – optional.
– The detailed and illustrated Scrappy Turkey Tutorial PDF available for download here. Print actual size DO NOT scale to fit:  Scrappy Turkey Tutorial.

The most important part of this project is to have fun.  Your turkey does NOT have to be perfect to be cute and enjoyed by a child.  They love whimsy and having an item made just for them.

This pattern is provided free of charge.   You may do what you want with your finished piece, but please do not try to sell the pattern.

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