Sewing Tutorial: Felt Valentine’s Chocolates and Cookies

Felt Chocolates and CookiesThis week’s sewing tutorial is simple and quick.  You won’t even need a pattern (although we’ve provided some for convenience)!

Play food is a great beginner’s sewing project and can be altered to make food as simple or as fancy as you’d like.  These festive Valentine’s Day chocolates and cookies are fantastic as decor, playing, and a learning tool.  You can embroider or draw (with puff paint or fabric paint) letters and numbers on them.  You can use them to teach colors, shapes, or even as coins.  You are only limited by your creativity.

This tutorial will focus on creating the chocolates and cookies with a sewing machine, but you could also hand sew the items.  If you don’t sew, you could use felt fabric glue to glue the pieces together.  When making felt foods please keep the age of the child you’re making the project for in mind.  Children who still put things in their mouth should never be given small objects as these would pose a choking hazard.  They also should not be given items with puff paint as they could pick the paint off.

When making felt food you can use whatever type of felt you desire.  Craft felt is easy to work with, cheap and easily obtainable but it will not wear as well as wool felt.  Craft felt may get pilly over time, but you can wash it with warm soapy water and use a lint shaver to get rid of pills.  If the item doesn’t contain a pipe cleaner or glue, you could even run it through the washing machine.  Wool felt will wear better and last longer.  If you’re creating something that you’d like to pass down from child to child, wool felt is best.  If you plan to use wool felt, you may want to first practice on craft felt so you don’t waste money on the more expensive stuff.  I typically use eco-fi felt which is made of recycled plastic bottles.

Let’s get started!  You will need the following to create your Felt Valentine’s Day Chocolates and Cookies:

  • Felt in whatever colors you desire
  • Scissors
  • Thread in colors of your choice
  • Sewing machine and/or hand sewing needle
  • Polyfil to stuff your pieces (optional)
  • Shapes template:  Valentine Cookie Chocolate Template


  1. Cut out shapeStart out by placing two pieces of felt wrong sides together and cutting out your desired shape.  You can freehand this or use one of the templates we’ve provided above.  You can use any size circle you like. If you’re going to sew a plain piece of chocolate or cookie and don’t want to add any other design, then you’re ready to sew, go ahead to step 3!  If you want to add a design, go on to the next step.
  2. Once your chocolate or cookie is cut out, you can add a design to the cookie.  Sometimes I like to add swirls, sprinkles, or just a whimsical design.  Take one side of the chocolate or cookie and add your design.  You can put the same Decorative stitchesdesign on the other side, or do something different so you get more ‘activities’ or designs in one cookie.You could do numbers and letters to teach the alphabet or counting.  You could do sprinkles, colors, shapes, etc.  You really are only limited to your imagination with these and kids love to get in on the design.
  3. overcast stitchOnce you’ve added a design to both sides, pin the cookie together, right sides both facing out.We’ll sew the cookie together using an overcast stitch.  If you don’t have an overcast stitch on your machine, a wide zig zag stitch works great.  Since the edges of the felt won’t fray, you could even use a straight stitch.
  4. sew around the edgeIf using an overcast stitch, make sure your right hand side stitch falls just over the edge of the cookie.  You might need to sew a stitch and then adjust your cookie’s placement under the presser foot to get it just right.  Sew all the way around the outer edge of the cookie making sure you back-stitch/reinforcement stitch at the beginning and end.  IF YOU’RE STUFFING YOUR CHOCOLATE OR COOKIE PIECES, STOP SEWING WHEN YOU HAVE ABOUT 3/4 -1″ LEFT TO GO AND STUFF A SMALL AMOUNT OF POLYFIL INTO YOUR PIECE WITH THE EDGE OF YOUR SCISSORS OR A SKEWER.  ONCE YOU HAVE IT STUFFED, CONTINUE SEWING AROUND THE OUTER EDGE UNTIL YOU’RE BACK AT THE BEGINNING.  Clip your threads when you’re done.
  5. That’s it! Easy peasy.  You can make as many of these as you can crank out.  They make lovely gifts and are great to have for any home school or home learning lesson plans.

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