A Break

Hey bro, I heard her say she's cleaning up our rooms.  Let's trash this one before she gets back!

Hey bro, I heard her say she’s cleaning up our rooms. Let’s trash this one before she gets back!

I knew when I signed up to be a stay at home mom there would be very few breaks.  Tonight I needed a break, just a few hours to not be the one who handles diaper changes, bath time, dinner, bedtime.  Of course there was no break and I had their laundry, toys, and several other things to add to that list.  I love my kids, however, after days on end with little to break up the day-to-day monotony, I just want to be left alone to do all those mundane tasks without having two little ones undo them ten times.

I don’t have a sitter, my husband is at work, so I just did what I always do and went through the tasks.  Their rooms and laundry alone took an hour to put back together and by the time they went to bed the rooms were already trashed again.  Both of them refused to eat dinner and basically whined and screamed at me for an hour no matter what I did.  So I skipped bath time and put them to bed half an hour early. For my sanity. They won’t be any more dirty in the morning and hopefully less crabby.

I often posts about the fun things I do with my kids.  I love those times and really cherish those moments because there are days like today where things aren’t so fun.  That’s how life goes.  You get the fun stuff, the normal stuff, and the not so fun stuff.  I say you might as well share it all because none of us are perfect.

If anyone wants to come clean up the dinner they threw in the floor, along with the sippy cup full of water my oldest poured in the floor and then splashed in, feel free.  This mom is taking a break.


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